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Treat dengue, chikungunya with yoga, pranayam and home remedies by Swami Ramdev

Two more fatal diseases arises in the rainy season viz dengue and chikungunya . Both of these diseases can be prevented and treated through various yogasanas, pranayam, and home remedies listed by Swami Ramdev on IndiaTV.

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New Delhi Updated on: July 19, 2020 14:19 IST

The whole world is fighting the coronavirus. In the rainy season, two more fatal diseases have knocked the country-- dengue and chikungunya. Both of these diseases are caused by mosquito bites. The number of mosquitoes increases in the rain, which increases the risk of catching them. The special thing is that the symptoms of both diseases are the same. Yoga is the way to prevent all these diseases. Swami Ramdev has suggested some yoga to prevent these diseases. These yoga are also effective for those suffering from it. Swami Ramdev also gave some home remedies for patients suffering from both these diseases. You will get well soon by adopting these home remedies.


Goat's milk increases platelets

Plays an important role in killing dengue germs
Drink 200 to 250 grams of goat milk in the morning and evening


Do a subtle exercise for a joint
To do this, you just sit with your legs spread out. After this, turn the toes back and forth. After this, rotate the legs towards the ankle while stabilizing the knee.
Do both hands forward. Open and close the fist.
Bring both hands forward and then bring them towards the shoulder. Perform this process several times.

Symptoms of dengue and chikungunya:

High fever after a cold
Headache, joint pain and muscle cramps
Feeling of weakness
Don't feel like eating
Mild sore throat
Pink rashes in the body, especially on the face, neck and chest

These Yogasanas, pranamyams will prevent the disease and help in recovering with them:


Mandook means a frog, which means that while doing this asana, the shape of a frog seems to be the condition, hence it is called Mandukasana.
Control diabetes, colitis.
Strengthens the immune system.
Eliminate constipation and gas problems
Correct the digestive system
Keep liver, kidney healthy


enhances immunity and enhances immunity
Blood circulates in the brain, regulates the secretion of pituitary and pineal glands.
Enhances memory, concentration, enthusiasm, elation, fearlessness, confidence and patience


Make waist slim and attractive
Helpful in increasing the length
Remove body exhaustion
Reduce belly fat
Get relief from back pain
Infuse energy and energy into the body
This asana also provides relief from many serious stomach related diseases.
Reduces periods irregularity and unbearable pain in women

Doing these pranayam will also benefit:

Anulom Vilom

Kapal Bhati




This juice is also effective:

Drink juice of 10-20 papaya leaves
Drink pomegranate juice daily
Pomegranate will increase platelets

Learn how to make 4 juices:

Take papaya leaves and grind them. One papaya leaf at a time is sufficient.
Take Giloy leaves and grind them. Drink its juice daily on an empty stomach.
Take out the pulp from the aloe vera leaves. Put it in the grinder and grind it. Drinking on an empty stomach daily will benefit.
Remove the juice of wheat gram in the same way and drink it on an empty stomach daily.
Take out the pomegranate seeds and grind them by putting them in a grinder. Drink this juice daily.

Platelets will grow in this way

Drink the juice of 10-20 mL papaya leaves
Drink 150 ml wheat grass juice
Benefits of drinking pomegranate juice daily
Pomegranate helps increase hemoglobin
Pomegranate increases platelets
Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily
Water deficiency fatal in dengue and chikungunya


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