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Swami Ramdev shares 7 things that will help you stay away from COVID-19

Swami Ramdev has shared seven things that you need to take care of to prevent the coronavirus. This will not only save yourself but others from the grip of COVID-19.

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New Delhi Updated on: July 13, 2020 10:24 IST

The whole country is battling the novel coronavirus at this time. Not only is it affecting the physical well being of a person but also affecting the mental health of people. In such a situation, IndiaTV's special program 'Corona Se Jung, Baba Ramdev's Sang', is here for your rescue. Yoga guru Swami Ramdev, ever since the lockdown, is teaching the countrymen to be healthy through yoga. How you can avoid the spread to how to increase your immunity, Swami Ramdev has an answer to all your questions.some pranayama and yogasana. The symptoms of COVID-19 are constantly changing. According to Swami Ramdev, the deaths due to corona is happening due to high blood pressure, weak heart, and low immunity. Along with this, our lifestyle is also a big reason why we are getting infected with the virus. According to Swami Ramdev, people whose lungs will be healthy, the heart will be good, sugar will be fine and those who are not addicted to cigarettes can easily protect themselves from corona.

Take care of these 7 things

According to Swami Ramdev, if anyone takes care of the following 7 things, then one can protect against corona.


High blood pressure
Low immunity
Bad habit
Chronic disease
Keeping yourself away from alcohol and cigarettes

Surya Namaskar- Do 5 minutes daily for low immunity:

Helpful in increasing energy level
Increases immunity
Digestive system is better
Body gets flexibility
Memory is strong
Effective for weight gain
Detoxifies the body
Skin glows
Stress relieves
Benefits of headstand
Stress and anxiety go away
Builds confidence, patience and fearlessness

Bhstrika - Will strengthen lungs and keep heart healthy

Performing this pranayama daily is considered good for hypertension, asthma, heart disease, TV, tumors, BP, liver cirrhosis, sinus, any kind of energy and lungs.

By doing bhastrika, the level of oxygen in the body increases. Due to which cancer cells die.

Benefits of Kapalbhati:

  • The problem of heart blockage can be overcome by doing Kapalbhati daily in the morning and evening.
  • Keeps the mind calm.
  • Removes thyroid problems remotely.
  • Kapalbhati is helpful in getting rid of cigarette addiction.
  • People who get addicted to cigarette smoking block their lungs. With the help of Kapalbhati, one can correct lung blockage.
  • Kapalbhati cures chronic liver, chronic kidney and fatty liver problems.
  • It is also helpful to overcome the problem of hepatitis.


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