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Superfood Bajra: Know 5 benefits of eating millet in winters

Millet grain is widely eaten in India and other parts of Asia and Africa. It is a hardy crop that can grow in hot and dry conditions. Due to this it becomes an important food source for people living in arid and semi-arid areas.

Written By: Sakshi Verma New Delhi Published on: November 18, 2023 9:26 IST
Bajra benefits
Image Source : FREEPIK Millet grain is widely eaten in India

These days the government is promoting millet crops in our country. Moreover, eating this superfood in winter can be very fruitful for your body too. Food items made from millet are tasty as well as nutritious. The more it is produced, the better it will be for the people of the country. Today we will tell you about the many benefits of millet.

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  1. Keeps weight under control: Millet is rich in protein and carbs. Our digestive system absorbs millet slowly due to which there is always a continuous flow of energy. Eating foods made from millet does not cause the problem of feeling hungry again and again and it also contains fewer calories which helps in maintaining your weight.
  2. Millet is rich in nutrients: The protein content in millet is gluten-free. Compared to other grains, millet is a better source of omega-3 fats. Omega-3 oil is a great solution for maintaining a regular heart rate and taking care of cardio. It contains iron and phosphorus in abundance. If you are suffering from anemia then consume it.
  3. Millet is capable of keeping the intestine healthy: Millet is an excellent source of insoluble fiber, which works as a pre-biotic in our intestine. Insoluble fiber is important for cleaning our intestines and relieving constipation. It plays an important role in maintaining our digestive health.
  4. Controls sugar: Consumption of fiber in our daily diet affects both diabetes control and prevention. Its positive effects have been emphasized in many studies around the world. Bajra has a positive effect on diabetes because of its fiber content and the presence of slowly digestible starch, which takes longer to convert into glucose. It helps in providing a sustained energy release for diabetic patients.
  5. Consumption of millet for a healthy heart: Millet is a good source of magnesium, so it is good for heart patients to include millet in their diet. Magnesium is capable of preventing risk factors for heart diseases like BP and diabetes. Studies have also pointed to the beneficial effects of magnesium on reducing cholesterol and it also protects against stroke.


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