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Poor oral hygiene be a risk factor for COVID-19: 6 tips to take care of your dental health

According to a study, neglecting your oral hygiene may lead to be a big factor for COVID-19 infection. Try these tips to main the cleanliness in your mouth to keep the virus at a bay.

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New Delhi Published on: November 23, 2020 11:57 IST
Poor oral hygiene be a risk factor for COVID-19: 5 tips to take care of your dental health
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COVID-19 linked with oral health

Maintaining oral hygiene is one of the most important factors of our daily routine. A foul breath can be a very embarrassing, putting one in an uncomfortable position. Apart from this a recent study has confirmed that if you neglect taking care of your oral health then there are high chances for you to get infected with COVID-19.

According to a study published in the British Dental Journal states that bacterial infection may increase in your mouth if oral hygiene is not taken care of properly. The author of the story also states that poor oral health can also have a risk factor for coronavirus infection. Therefore, it is very necessary to take care of your oral health, follow these tips to combat dental hygiene issues:

Efficient brushing technique

It is recommended to brush enamels twice a day and it is prudent to properly brush all teeth surfaces, including the gum line and internal portion of the enamels situated in proximity to the tongue. To totally avoid bad breath, you must consider investing your time in thoroughly brushing the overall tongue surface.

Daily flossing

Flossing will help in removing the food fragments that tend to get stuck in between the enamels that a toothbrush possibly cannot reach out to.

Stimulating saliva production

Saliva plays a very significant role in lessening bad breath in the mouth by moistening it. A dry mouth is the chief cause that can lead to halitosis. To avoid this problem, you must consider the consumption of sugar-free chewing gum which will certainly embolden the saliva production in your mouth.

Eat Healthy

Indulging in wholesome edibles help in stepping up the flow of your saliva to facilitate in washing away bacteria present in the teeth, tongue, and gums that can lead to bad breath.

Avert smoking and intake of tobacco

Smoking majorly contributes to bad breath. Tobacco has an ability to dry out your mouth and can leave a nasty smell that stays even post brushing your teeth.

Ensure you are always hydrated

Sipping over water will help in keeping the foul smell under control owing to the fact that it facilitates in washing away the stuck food particles and the accumulated bacteria, which are the foremost causes of bad breath.

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