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NEVER eat these eat food items raw: From potatoes to rajma

NEVER eat these eat food items raw: eating these common foods raw may have adverse long-term effects on your digestion and overall health. Here’s a list of common foods that should never be eaten without cooking and why.

Written By: Snigdha Behera New Delhi Published on: June 07, 2023 17:19 IST
List of food items that shouldn't be eaten raw.
Image Source : FREEPIK List of food items that shouldn't be eaten raw.

Fresh vegetables and fruits form a major portion of our daily intake. Whether you want to lose weight or follow a healthy lifestyle, vegetables can work wonders in helping you achieve your objective. However, a common mistake that many people make is eating some vegetables raw rather than cooked. Certain vegetables consist of natural toxins and hard-to-digest sugars that may lead to gastronomical diseases. Even if you wash the food items in a vegetable and fruit cleaner,  which removes pesticides and contaminants on the surface of the fruits and vegetables, they are not fit to be consumed raw. 

Here are the vegetables that should never be consumed raw:

1. Potatoes:

Uncooked potatoes not only taste bad but can also lead to digestive problems. The uncooked starch of the potatoes can lead to bloating and gas. To avoid any type of gastronomical problem, it is advisable to bake, sauté, or cook the potatoes before consumption.

India Tv - Potatoes

Image Source : FREEPIKPotatoes

2. Leafy Vegetables:

Vegetables that belong to the cabbage family such as cauliflower, Brussels, broccoli, and sprouts should never be consumed raw. These vegetables contain sugar that is difficult to digest. Eating these vegetables raw may lead to a number of gastronomical problems.

India Tv - Leafy Vegetables

Image Source : FREEPIKLeafy Vegetables

3. Mushrooms:

Though mushrooms can be eaten raw, however, it is advisable to consume cooked ones to get more nutrients. Roasted, sautéed, or grilled mushrooms have more potassium content than uncooked ones. You can add stir-fried mushrooms to pasta or pizza to give a healthy twist to your favorite foods. 

India Tv - Mushrooms

Image Source : FREEPIKMushrooms

4. Meat:

Raw or undercooked beef, pork, chicken, and turkey are seriously risky to eat. Most raw poultry contains Campylobacter. It also may contain Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, and other bacteria.

India Tv - Meat

Image Source : FREEPIKMeat

5. Red Kidney Beans:

Uncooked or undercooked beans contain a large amount of toxin, glycoprotein lectin which leads to problems such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea within some hours of consumption. The severity of the symptoms also depends on the number of toxins that have been consumed. 

India Tv - Red Kidney Beans

Image Source : FREEPIKRed Kidney Beans


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