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Know these five incredible benefits of muskmelons aka kharbooja

Enriched with numerous nutrients, muskmelon aka kharbooja strengthens the immune system. The fruit can also be a part of a daily diet that helps people lose weight, enhance vision, treat sleep disorders, and more.

India TV Health Desk Edited By: India TV Health Desk New Delhi Published on: March 29, 2023 19:00 IST
benefits of muskmelons
Image Source : FREEPIK Know these five incredible benefits of muskmelons, Kharbooja

Muskmelon, also known as Kharbooja or "Madhuphala" in Ayurveda, is a fruit that is packed with nutrients especially high in vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that boosts immunity and helps prevent disease. Muskmelons also contain Vitamin A which  is a micronutrient necessary for growth and development, healthy skin cell turnover, and good eyesight. Antioxidants such as gallic acid, ellagic acid, and caffeic aciD present in muskmelon shield  cells from cellular deterioration .

It is good for cooling and diuretic reasons, which keep one hydrated and help flush out impurities from the body. It also helps relax blood vessels and enhance blood flow. 

Here are some benefits of this cool summer fruit:

Aids in weight loss:

Muskmelons are beneficial for weight loss due to their low calorie and fat content. It takes a while for it to pass through your stomach into your digestive system, making you feel fuller for longer.

Helps in treating insomnia

Muskmelon is a stress-relieving fruit that can help reduce stress and maintain mental calmness. It contains minerals like potassium which  promotes sleep.

Improves cardiovascular health

Muskmelons are abundantly loaded with potassium, which keeps blood pressure under control, and eventually keeps the heart healthy. The fruit also contains a compound called adenosine that is beneficial for the heart as it has blood-thinning properties and prevents blood clotting in the cardiovascular system.

Treats menstrual cramps

Enriched with anticoagulant qualities and Vitamin C, Muskmelons are essential for all women suffering with menstrual cramps. They help to break up blood clots and ease muscle cramps, as well as aid in controlling menstrual flow. It is recommended to eat them for the first two days of the menstrual cycle.

Enhances eye vision

Muskmelons contain a lot of vitamin A, which is essential for preserving the eye muscles and strengthening them against eye-related issues. Also, the vibrant yellow, orange, and red colours of muskmelon are due to the presence of carotene, which also aids in the prevention of cataracts and enhances vision.

Now that you know the benefits of the delicious  Muskmelon, include this fruit in your daily diet.

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