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Healthcare tips: How to keep yourself safe during Diwali in COVID times

Diwali 2020 is around the corner but due to the ongoing pandemic the celebrations are going to be different this time. Follow these guidelines on what extra precautions to take in order to keep yourself safe during the festival

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New Delhi Updated on: October 27, 2020 12:05 IST
Healthcare tips: How to keep yourself safe during Diwali in COVID times
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Diwali 2020 precautions

Diwali 2020 is here but global pandemic of the novel coronavirus has subdued the vibe and energy of the festival. However, don't worry, keep your excitements intact as you can still have a lot of fun by following a few guidelines. To ensure the safety and security of the people government has issued some rules and regulations on how to celebrate festivals this year. Moslty, large gatherings and events have been cancelled and the experts are suggesting to stay indoors and follow strict rules of safety. Therefore, we are here with a few tips on how to have safe Diwali celebrations this year keeping in mind the physical distancing and hygiene amidst COVID-19 outbreak. 

Don’t use sanitizer before lighting diya/candles

Refrain from using hand sanitizers which are alcohol based before lighting diyas, candles or any such thing. This is because sanitizers are inflammable and can cause fire hazards. It is recommended by the experts that you wash your hands with soap and water before doing anything which involves lighting fire.

Keep sanitizer away from fire

Sanitizer bottles are common in household and people keep it handy due to ward off the germs during COVID-19 pandemic. But, since maximum sanitizers are alcohol based, they can easily catch fire. Therefore, keep your sanitizer bottles on a safe place.

Keep water handy

Instead of carrying sanitizers everywhere you can consider carrying water and paper soap rather. Since they are safer and you can easily wsh your hands anywhere without the danger of catching fire.

Maintain physical distancing

Yes, we know Festivity is all about togetherness and strengthening bonds. This festive season, try and adjust to the new normal and avoid meeting people physically. It is recommended that you celebrate Diwali this year staying indoors mostly. However if you are meeting someone, fold your hands in namaste or greet in anyother way without a physical contact.

Don't forget your mask

It is significant to be responsible and take mandatory precautions. COVID pandemic this year has made the use of mask necessary. Therefore, everytime you step out, don't forget to cover your nose and mouth to save yourself from getting infected. 

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