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Exclusive: When can we expect coronavirus medicine? Hear it from the experts

Four expert doctors from India, Shanghai and New York talked about the possibility of treating coronavirus in an exclusive interview with India TV. They also stressed on the importance of social distancing and immunity building.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 07, 2020 13:46 IST

Why don't we have drugs to treat COVID-19 and how long will it take to develop them? SARS-CoV-2 the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19 is completely new and attacks cells in a novel way. Every virus is different and so are the drugs used to treat them. It is in this context that India TV got in an important discussion on coronavirus medicine with experts doctors from across the globe- Dr Samarth Dhawan from New York, Dabur healthcare research head Gaurav Sharma from Delhi, Dr Sanjeev Chaubey from Shanghai and Richa Mehta from Ahmedebad,

Possibilty of coronavirus medicine soon?

With most of the world on lockdown and the looming threat of millions of deaths, researchers need to find an effective drug much faster. Dr Sanjeev Chaubey said that ountries like the US and China have had some sucess with anti-HIV drugs in treating COVID-19 patients and, also Australian reserachers have begun some testing on the same front. However, anti-HIV drugs can't be called a coronavirus medicine yet even though the success rate has been quiet high as of now.

ABCD to fight coronavirus

Dr Richa Mehta pointed out the essential ABCD to fight coronavirus especially for diabetes patients.

A- Avoid contact

B- Take Blood pressure tablets
C- Take Cholesterol tablets
D- Diet and  Diabetes control.

Furthermore, she stressed on the importance of building immunity by adding superfoods to one's diet that provides both macro and micro nutrients to the body.


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