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Dealing with exam anxiety? Add superfood walnuts to your diet to become stress-free

Exam anxiety might be fought by adding walnuts to your diet. To all the students, a research suggests that this superfood is magical for your brains. Read to know more.

Health Desk Written By: Health Desk New Delhi Published on: December 19, 2022 16:48 IST
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Image Source : FREEPIK Walnuts may help in fighting exam anxiety

Exam anxiety and exam fear are very common among students, especially during this time of the year as they are nearing their examinations. Stressed-out college students may want to add superfood walnuts to their daily diet after knowing its benefits for their brains. In a recent clinical experiment, undergraduate students' self-reported indices of mental health and biomarkers of general health were positively impacted by walnut consumption during their university studies. 

According to a University of South Australia study that was published in the journal Nutrients, walnuts may be able to mitigate the negative effects of academic stress on the gut flora, particularly in females. Lead researchers, PhD student Mauritz Herselman and Associate Professor Larisa Bobrovskaya, say the results add to the growing body of evidence linking walnuts with improved brain and gut health. 

"Students experience academic stress throughout their studies, which has a negative effect on their mental health, and they are particularly vulnerable during exam periods," Herselman says. Eighty undergraduate students who participated in the treatment and control groups were clinically assessed in three intervals, at the beginning of a 13-week university semester, during the examination period and two weeks after the examination period. Those in the treatment group were given walnuts to consume daily for 16 weeks over these three intervals. 

"We found that those who consumed about half a cup of walnuts every day showed improvements in self-reported mental health indicators. Walnut consumers also showed improved metabolic biomarkers and overall sleep quality in the longer term. The World Health Organization has recently stated that at least 75 percent of mental health disorders affect people under the age of 24 years, making undergraduate students particularly vulnerable to mental health problems," Herselman says. Associate Professor Larisa Bobrovskaya says mental health disorders are common in university students and can adversely affect students' academic performance and long-term physical health. 

"We have shown that consuming walnuts during stressful periods can improve mental health and general well-being in university students, as well as being a healthy and delicious snack and a versatile ingredient in many recipes, to fight some negative effects of academic stress," Associate Prof Bobrovskaya says. "Due to fewer numbers of males in the study, more research is needed to establish sex-dependent effects of walnuts and academic stress in university students. It's also possible that a placebo effect might have come into play as this was not a blind study." 

(With inputs from ANI)

Disclaimer: The article is for educational and informational purposes only. It does not constitute as medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any treatment.


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