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Fact Check: Viral video of Akasa Airlines making in-flight announcement in Sanskrit is edited

A video was shared on social media claiming that the Akasa Airlines made an in-flight announcement in Sanskrit. In the Fact Check, it was found to be false.

Edited By: Ashesh Mallick @asheshmallick07 New Delhi Published on: June 18, 2024 21:47 IST
Fact Check
Image Source : INDIA TV Fact Check

INDIA TV Fact Check: Every day, various videos or photos rapidly go viral on social media, often spreading misinformation. Before the truth can come out, these posts often mislead millions. One such video is currently circulating widely, claiming that an airline made an announcement in Sanskrit. However, INDIA TV's fact check has found this claim to be fake.

What is the claim?

India Tv - Viral post

Image Source : XViral post

A video was shared on social media platform X by user ID @chidsamskritam. The caption read, "Flight announcement in Sanskrit..!!" The video purportedly showed an announcement by Akasa Airline in Sanskrit.

What is the truth?

India Tv - Fact check

Image Source : INSTAGRAMFact check

After listening to the video, we were skeptical as no airline had done such a thing before; if it had happened, it would have made headlines. We began our investigation and found surprising results. We located the original post by a girl on Instagram who first shared the video. Her post clearly stated, "This content is dubbed voice-over. No flight has made such an announcement. It has nothing to do with @akasaair management." This made it clear that the announcement was not made by Akasa Airline.

We also found an official statement from Akasa, which responded to the rumour and the user deleted the video afterward. Akasa clarified, "Hi Rakesh, we want to make it clear that our in-flight announcements are made in Hindi and English. The announcement in the video is not official and seems to be a dubbed video that has been shared." Hence, it is clear that Akasa did not make any such announcement; it was dubbed content.


The claim circulating on social media that Akasa Airline made an announcement in Sanskrit has been found to be entirely false (FAKE) in INDIA TV's fact check.


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