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Shark Tank India's Ashneer Grover shares pic of his bed made on floor refuting 'lavish lifestyle' claims

Shark Tank India's Ashneer Grover is embroiled in a controversy at BharatPe. He and his wife Madhuri Jain Grover are alleged to have diverted the company's funds for their 'lavish lifestyle'. Both of them have been sacked by the company.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: March 03, 2022 14:32 IST
Shark Tank India

Ashneer Grover featured in Shark Tank India


  • Ashneer Grover became popular for the way he conducted himself at reality show Shark tank India
  • Ashneer and his wife Madhuri Jain are involved in a controversy at fintech company BharatPe
  • Ashneer and his wife have been sacked from all positions at BharatPe

Shark Tank India's Ashneer Grover is currently involved in a controversy at Fintech firm BharatPe, where he has been removed from all positions by the board members. BharatPe has also found involvement of Grover family and relatives in extensive misappropriation of the company's funds.

According to a statement from BharatPe, Grover family and their relatives engaged in extensive misappropriation of company funds, including, but not limited to, creating fake vendors through which they siphoned money away from the company's account and grossly abused company expense accounts in order to enrich themselves and fund their lavish lifestyles. 

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Amid claims of his lavish lifestyle, Ashneer has responded by sharing a photo of his bed made on the floor in a LinkedIn post.. Ashneer slammed the board for 'personal hatred and low thinking'. He also shared a photo where he said that he has 'no qualms sleeping on the floor'.

A part of his note read, "I indeed have a very lavish lifestyle. I get invited by friends with open hearts to their homes, where I have no qualms sleeping on the floor. And this is when I am on the road in US and UK raising $370M Series E. And I've the right to stay in any lavish hotel and charge it on the company issued credit card in my pocket. Those who haven't built from scratch will never understand the Founder's mentality."

Before Ashneer, BharatPe has sacked his Madhuri Jain Grover over alleged financial irregularities. Madhuri is alleged to have used company funds for personal beauty treatments, buying electronic items and family trips to the US and Dubai, sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

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