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Ekta Kapoor slams the troll who accuses her TV shows of ‘promoting patriarchy’

Ekta Kapoor's harmless tweet enquiring about the protest against gangrapes in India turned the knob for the vile trolls on social media.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: April 16, 2018 13:18 IST ]

Ekta Kapoor slams the troll who accuses her of ‘promoting patriarchy’ through her TV shows

The television and film industry had gathered together at one place in Mumbai to protest against rising rapes in India. Many of them took to social media to strongly oppose the rising crime against women and especially children. Similarly, Balaji honcho Ekta Kapoor enquired about the peaceful protest that was taking place in Mumbai to stand in solidarity with Asifa. But this didn’t go down well with the prying eyes of trolls who took no time to slam the TV producer for her post.

A Twitter user replied to Ekta Kapoor saying that she should start taking more progressive TV shows and also accused her of promoting patriarchy through them.

He wrote, “You can start by making some progressive TV content. Your TV and movies have contributed to the patriarchy in society.”

But Ekta Kapoor wasn’t among them who take a backseat on being trolled. She penned down a befitting reply to the Twitter user who tried to blame the TV industry for the deteriorating condition of women in the country.

In her response, she wrote, “Instead of defending my shows by saying I always have strong female characters n NEVER promote patriarchy! I’d request u to not shift blame to TV movies religion patriotism! These r not two year olds ! Grown up men who r intoxicated with power n think they can get away!”

It was uncalled for and mindless for the trolls to drag her TV shows in the cause she was supporting. She was rallying and contributing to the protest against gangrapes, when this person criticised her for her television soaps.  

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