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Bigg Boss 11: Mehjabi Siddiqui scares housemates, Hina Khan loses cool during task

Hina Khan got into heated arguments with Bandgi Kalra in the last episode of Bigg Boss 11.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: October 25, 2017 7:30 IST ]
Bigg Boss 11- India TV

The last episode of Bigg Boss 11 had many moments to keep the audiences hooked. Remember when Sshivani Durga intimidated housemates with her weird behavior? Well, this time it was Mehjabi Siddiqui who scared the housemates. She sat on the bed constantly looking at the same direction making housemates feel that she was possessed.

Hina Khan was then seen hugging her. She then talked to him about the incident in the morning. Later, some of the contestants discussed if the lady was faking out.

This time, Bigg Boss introduced Khulja Sim Sim task in which the lawn area was converted into jungle and contestants were divided into two teams. One team had to live in caves and the other team had to make efforts by making their life miserable so that the members can go back to the house.

As usual the task was followed by lots of fight and drama. Hina and Akash Dadlani engaged into a fight. After that Hina and bandagi Kalra involved in a verbal spat.

Bigg Boss gave Mehjabi an opportunity to get back her Diwali gift only if she left the task. Her team members tried to convince her to be strong and later she stayed and supported her team.

Team Blue was then seen convincing Dhinchak Pooja to leave the task. It goes without saying that the coming episode has many fights in store for the viewers.

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