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Bigg Boss 11 Episode 95: Contestants succeed in winning back prize money worth 50 Lakh

Tonight Bigg Boss will announce a luxury budget task, where the housemates have been given another chance to win back the prize money of Rs 50 lakh

Written by: Tripti Karki , New Delhi [ Updated: January 04, 2018 23:36 IST ]
Bigg Boss 11 LIVE Updates Episode 95
Bigg Boss 11 LIVE Updates Episode 95

After the BB Mountain task, the contestants are all set to win back the prize money worth Rs 50 Lakh in tonight’s Bigg Boss 11 episode. Tonight Bigg Boss will announce a luxury budget task, where the housemates have been given another chance to win back the prize money of Rs 50 lakh. If the housemates manage to win this luxury budget task – BB Museum Task, which is their final chance to win back the prize money, the money will be theirs for the taking. For the task, Luv and Puneesh are turned into thieves and the rest of them are asked to guard the products at the display. As seen in the video snippet, Vikas and Puneesh almost come blows.

Here are the LIVE Updates of Bigg Boss 11 Day 95 January 4, 2018, Episode 95

11: 30 pm: Puneesh says his friendship with Shilpa is more important than any Ticket Luv's period for robbing ends without any success. Another Rs 25 lakh is added to the show's prize money, making it Rs 50 lakhs.  

11: 20 pm: Luv's period to steal the artefacts from BB Museum begins. Luv tells Puneesh that he still stands on the dividing line between the celebs and the commoners. To this Puneesh replies saying he disagrees with his viewpoint. He says that this would have been valid two months ago but, now everyone in the house is at an equal status

11: 10 pm: Puneesh and Luv come to a consensus that they won’t steal, but in the midst of all this, Shilpa says that they should hit with the steel artefact. This instigates both Puneesh and Luv, lose their cool on Shilpa. She feels extremely bad that Puneesh yelled at her. Feeling bad about what he did, Puneesh gets a flower for Shilpa and apologises to her for lashing out at her. He confides in Akash and tells him that Shilpa has always supported him and he did wrong by yelling at her. 

11: 05 pm: The BB Museum task begins.  Puneesh tries to steal something, but Vikas picks him up and keep it aside. Puneesh still tries to run away with it and is stopped by Vikas again. Puneesh asks all guards to dance, else he will drop an item. Puneesh's times as a thief ends .

11: 03 pm:  Luv, Puneesh discuss how women might get hurt in the task. Puneesh says if he bumps into Hina, she will fall very badly. Shilpa asks them to get violent if they want. An argument starts.

10: 51 pm: Luv, Puneesh think of strategies to carry out the robbery. Puneesh says if he cannot steal something he will break it, so that none of them gets that prize money.

10:48 pm: Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for the week BB Museum. The living room will have artefacts all over, having a total value of Rs 25 lakh. The housemates have to protect these items and the artefacts remaining at Bigg Boss's next announcement will be added to the prize money. The twist is that Luv and Puneesh will have to steal the artefacts. The winner of the Ticket to Grand Finale will have to be worth Rs 13 lakhs or more. Hina will be both the police and sanchalak. The thieves can steal only when the gong is sounded. Puneesh will be the first thief.

10: 43 pm: New day begins. The housemates wake up to Ek Chor Ek Sipahi song. Hina and Shilpa are in the kitchen discussing the competition. Shilpa says Vikas is just talking to Hina and Akash in the house these days as his good friend Arshi is out from the show. 

10: 40 pm: Shilpa is seen sleeping in an awkward position on the shelf, Hina is shocked to see her in such a condition and goes to Puneesh to show how Shilpa is sleeping. Puneesh is dumbstruck too and says that Shilpa may be in some kind of depression.

10:37 pm: The second round begins. Shilpa's bags weighs the less and she also fails to win the Ticket To Finale.

10: 33 pm: The BB Mountain task for the day starts off and contestants are bent on winning the task. Hina and Luv's bags weighs the less. Hina is out of the Ticket to Finale task. Shilpa and Hina have a discussion after the first round and Hina seems quite upset with Shilpa for letting her bag be emptied.

10: 30 pm: Puneesh Sharma bitches about Vikas Gupta to Shilpa Shinde, Akash Dadlani, Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi. Shilpa agrees and says that Vikas is no mastermind at all. Akash goes to Vikas and says that Shilpa is talking bad about him. Vikas says that Shilpa is a bad woman and as she is nominated for eviction this week, she is playing a dirty game. Akash further says even Hina talks ill about him. 

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