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Nani in HIT 3? Ending of Adivi Sesh's thriller sets up the threequel and fans are asking for more

Nani's cameo role in HIT 2 was a surprise for the fans. Now, rumour is rife that he will play the leading role in HIT 3. Find out more below.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Updated on: December 02, 2022 22:33 IST
Image Source : TWITTER/ CHAI BISKET Nani with Adivi Sesh

Nani's cameo role in HIT 2 ended up hyping up the fans like never before. HIT 2 has already impressed the fans with its gripping storyline and Adivi Sesh's power-packed performance as KD aka Krishna Dev. As the movie ended by introducing Nani as Arjun Sarkar, fans have been left asking for more. Not only has HIT 2 introduced Nani's ruthless cop character it has also set the tone for HIT 3. But will Nani really play the leading role in HIT 2? Let's figure out the ending of HIT: The Second Case and find out. 

Nani's mass entry in HIT: The Second Case

Nani makes a starry entry at the end of HIT: The Second Case. In a marriage scene, Nani's character gives KD (Adivi Sesh) a bottle of wine. His character is introduced as Arjun Sarkar, who is a cop. After exiting the marriage, Nani proceeds to his car and opens the door. There we see a criminal who is bloodied and tied down to the car. This scene has set up HIT 3 and has hinted that Arjun Sarkar will be the new cop in the upcoming threequel. This particular scene has been shared online and fans are reacting to it. 

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HIT 3 to feature Nani and Adivi Sesh?

There have been rumours about HIT 3's cast for some time now. With Nani's cameo role, it has been confirmed that Nani will be part of the HIT universe. The Jersey actor in the cop's role will be something that the fans will surely dig. Nani has produced the first two films of the franchise. He sizzled in the cameo in HIT 2. Besides playing a parallel lead, the Jersey actor will also bankroll HIT 3, say reports. Moreover, Vijay Sethupathi may also play an important role in HIT 3. All official announcements regarding HIT 3 are awaited. 

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