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Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi’s controversial & sexist remark upsets Saisha Shinde, here's what happened next

While performing a task, Lock Upp contestant, Payal Rohatgi made a sexist comment at another team player Saisha Shinde by calling the latter 'man’. Payal's comment did not go down well and drew criticism from her fellow participants.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 27, 2022 10:49 IST
Payal Rohatgi, Saisha Shinde

Lock Upp: Payal’ Rohatgis sexist comment on Saisha Shinde fuels fire 


  • Munawar Faruqui claimed that Payal called Saisha a 'man'
  • Shaisha asked for a clarification from Payal
  • Payal Rohatgi aplogised to Saisha, her family, her friends on camera

Kangana Ranaut's reality show, Lock Upp, is courting new controversies with each passing day. Recently, on the show, Munawar Faruqui claimed that Payal Rohatgi had made a sexist comment on Saisha Shinde by calling her a 'man'. After a task was over, Prince Narula confronted Payal and asked if she said that he won the task because he had two men in his (Prince and Saisha) team.

Payal tried to put up a stance by saying that she is being misunderstood. The actress said that she does not remember her exact words but she meant to say that physically Saisha is equally strong as others. Countering her, Munawar claimed that Payal's gestures were not right as she was laughing while making the comment and he tried to stop her but she continued laughing. 

Munawar said, "Prince said we won because we had two men in the team and Payal then said 'you also had two men, Prince and Saisha'. When I told Payal 'don't do it', she smiled and did this (gestured mocking laughter) before she said, 'I meant you had two strong people Saisha and Prince.' If I am not saying the exact words that Payal used, I will walk out of the show."

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"I did not abuse anyone, they were talking about the strength of a man, and that is how I mean it,” Payal said in clarification. 

After a while, Saisha too asked Payal if she said Prince had two men on his team. “I will still say that you have a strength of a man, by this all I meant is she is as strong as a man,” Payal said in response.

Later clarifying the same again, Payal told Prince, "Mene uss hisab se nhi bola tha, mudda mat baniye iss baat ko. Aapne bola iss team mein do ladke hai toh mene bola ki Prince bhi strong hai aur Saisha bhi ladke jesi strong hai. Bhot cheap mudda hai yeh, besharmi ki hadd hai. (That is not how I meant it,  don’t make an issue out of it. When you said that your team has two-man i.e Shivam and Munawar, that is when I said that your team has a strong person and saisha is strong like a man, this is so cheap and shameless tactics)."

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After all the chaos, when Payal was sitting with Azma Fallah and Shivam she turned to the camera and said, “If I have made this statement, then I apologise to Saisha, her family, her friends and the transgender community. That was not my intention, all I meant was the physical strength of a man.”

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