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365 Days Sequel Twitter Reactions: Michele Morrone's erotic film disappoints, fans say 'could've been better'

365 Days sequel This Day sees the return of Michele Morrone and Anna Maria as Massimo and Laura. The story moves ahead and there are new characters in the film that lead the plot twists,

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: April 27, 2022 20:00 IST
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Actor Michele Morrone in 365 Days: This Day still 

The much-awaited sequel of the Polish erotic thriller 365 Days has arrived on Netflix. In 365 Days: This Day, Michele Morrone and Anna Maria are back as the romantic couple Massimo and Laura. However, their relationship will see the entry of another major character Nacho, played by Simone Susinna. He plays Massimo's gardener and this handsome addition to the cast is an interesting one.

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365 Days sequel picks up after the events of the first film. Laura and Massimo are married. The couple lost their unborn child in the accident at the end of the first film. But we learn that Laura hasn’t even told Massimo that she was pregnant in the first place. Laura's life as a mafia don's wife has been shown to be an unfulfilling one. 

The movie sees the entry of Massimo's twin brother Adriano and an ex, who he has an affair with. The latter plot twist leads to Laura and Nacho getting close. All in all, the 365 Days sequel does away with the controversial plot of the first movie and gives the characters a chance to showcase their vulnerability, thus establishing emotional connections.

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Fans reactions to the new 365 days have been mixed. Some shared that there is less plot and more intimacy between the characters. Others trashed the plot twists. Some praised the fact that the film remains true to its soul and gets going with the romantic-thriller storyline. Some said the background music is too frequent in the sequel and it looks like a music video. 


365 Days: This Day ends on a cliffhanger. Another sequel to this film has already been announced by Netflix and may see a fitting ending to the love saga. The film is directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes, from a screenplay by Mojca Tirs, Blanka Lipińska and Mandes and produced by Ewa Lewandowska and Mandes (Ekipa) and Maciej Kawulski (Open Mind One).




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