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Sofia Hayat hospitalised in UK after 'spiritual fasting', know what happened with Bigg Boss 7 actress

Sofia Hayat had to visit the hospital in the UK after she decided to fast and not take food or water for some hours. This resulted in her salt levels getting dangerously low. 

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: June 30, 2022 15:57 IST
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Actress Sofia Hayat landed in hospital due to fasting

Sofia Hayat was fasting and due to a deficiency of salts and other necessary electrolytes in her body, she had to be hospitalised in the UK. Sofia detailed the incident and said it helped her that she had insurance in the UK because the hospital bill was huge. The Bigg Boss 7 actress and model is now recovering from the health setback that was caused due to fasting. Sofia Hayat was in the limelight when she announced that she became a spiritual nun in 2016. 

Sofia 'fasted for her soul'?

Sofia was on a spiritual fast when her salt levels reportedly dipped below the dangerously level. She was taken to the hospital and given five packets of salt and after that, she was revived. During her fast, she said she started shivering and felt dizzy. The fast was part of her spiritual practice and it was an unexpected turn of events that her health deteriorated.


Sofia details her medical setback

Sofia told ETimes, "The salt levels went dangerously low. I asked the nurse to get me five packets of salt and that kind of saved me. So, this condition resulted in me being hospitalised, my heart felt funny and I was shivering." Sofia said that speaking to a friend on the phone helped her feel better. She said that she listened to her body after hospitalisation and ate food and had water. She also said that she fell 'pretty okay' before this emergency landed her in the hospital suddenly. She said she had done this kind of fasting earlier as well and it 'went well'.

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Sofia jokes about the medical bills

In an image shared, Sofia is seen lying down in the emergency room bed wearing a COVID mask. She said that seeking medical help during an emergency affected her monetarily. In retrospect, she said, "One of the first things they put in my face when I was in hospital was the bill. Thank god I have health insurance here in the UK. Though the bill being so expensive, can actually bring back people to life.”



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