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Aryan Khan Drugs Case: What did Shah Rukh Khan's son promise during his counseling in NCB custody?

Drug Case: Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan was counselled daily in the NCB custody. The star kid promised to make NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede proud one day by helping the weaker sections of society.

Dinesh Mourya Dinesh Mourya @dineshmourya4
New Delhi Updated on: October 18, 2021 11:52 IST
Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan Drugs Case: What did Shah Rukh Khan's son promise during his counseling in NCB custody?

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan and his friend Arbaaz Merchantt were arrested in the Mumbai cruise drugs case on October 3. Aryan and five other accused, who were arrested by Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) were shifted to the common cell of Arthur Road Jail after their Covid report came negative. Before this, the star kid was in NCB custody for 5 days. Aryan Khan's lawyer was constantly arguing that his client was never questioned after the 'first' NCB interrogation. Now, the question arises that if Aryan was not being interrogated in NCB custody, then what was he doing there? Did the agency officials unnecessarily kept SRK's son in the NCB lockup or was he being counselled like other accused?

Let us know about the NCB's working:

Daily counseling of drug accused is conducted 

After arresting someone, the agency collects solid evidence against him so that that accused can be punished severely. If an accused is a vicious criminal or a history-sheeter, then the NCB officials handle him strictly during the custody, but if someone has been caught for the first time in a drug case or has become addicted to it, then after interrogation, NCB counsels them. To make the accused realise his/her mistake and to motivate them to do something good for the society/ disadvantaged sections, NCB takes up the counselling session. 

How the counseling is done?

If an accused is religious, then for his counseling, the religious leaders of his faith are called to the NCB office. Then, those religious or spiritual leaders guide the accused, Not just this, but senior officers of the NCB also personally interact with the accused on a daily basis and monitor him, thus making the accused realise the seriousness of the drugs charge and harm caused by the same. According to the religious belief of the accused, he is allowed to read the holy book early in the morning. 

Saints associated with ISKCON and big Maulanas of Mumbai are often seen visiting the NCB office for counseling sessions. A  promise is being made by the accused that they will do good work for society after getting out of the NCB custody. This continues for 6 months.

How was Aryan Khan's counseling done?

According to a senior NCB official, like other accused, Aryan Khan was kept in lockup but his safety was taken care of. Every morning for about 30 minutes, NCB officials including Sameer Wankhede used to counsel the star kid. NCB officials used to tell Aryan how much he is suffering because of drugs and how if he continues, his body will be ruined. Also, Wankhede said that Aryan's family will also land up in trouble because of him. Instead of wasting money on drugs, help the needy people. 

The senior officers of Mumbai NCB used to counsel Aryan Khan and other accused every day. According to the NCB official, Aryan was is educated and have modern thoughts and like other accused, he was not very religiously inclined and so, was not given religious books to read.

Aryan's promise to NCB officials

According to NCB sources, when Aryan Khan's counseling started, he accepted his mistake and promised NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede that he would now work for the society and devote himself to the service of the country and underprivileged people. To this, an NCB official told Aryan 'whatever work you do, we will keep an eye on it. Wherever we stay, we will always keep monitoring you.'

Replying to which, Aryan said "Sir, when I will out of here and serve the country, you will be proud of me." 

What Aryan Khan do in NCB custody?

Aryan Khan's interrogation was completed on the first day, itself and after the counseling session, he used to be idle. While the other accused were being interrogated, Aryan just kept looking at them. One day Aryan told NCB officer "I have to do Shramdaan, give me some work." But the NCB officer turned down Aryan's request. In view of Aryan's safety, he was not allowed for Shramdaan.

When asked that on one hand, Aryan was being counselled and asked to do good work for society, then why on the other hand, his bail is being opposed? NCB replied "Opposing his (Aryan's) bail is part of our work and we will do that. But at the same time, it is our responsibility to try to bring change in every accused."

Satish Maneshinde thanked NCB

NCB source revealed 'Aryan Khan was also like other accused for us. We took good care of him too and tried to bring changes in him.' The agency added, Aryan's lawyer Satish Maneshinde himself admitted in the court that NCB took Aryan's care during custody.

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