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Tubelight Movie Review: Little Star Matin Ray Tangu Overshadows Salman Khan With His Innocence

Tubelight Movie Review: Inspired from Hollywood flick Little Boy, starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu, Matin Ray Tangu and late Om Puri.

Anuradha Shrivastava [ Updated:August 11, 2017 19:14 IST ]
Tubelight movie review Little star Matin Ray Tangu
Tubelight movie review Little star Matin Ray Tangu overshadows Salman Khan with his innocence
  • Movie Name:Tubelight
  • Critics Rating: 2.5 / 5
  • Release Date: June 23, 2017
  • Director: Kabir Khan
  • Genre: Action, Drama, War

Superstar Salman Khan’s Tubelight, directed by filmmaker Kabir Khan was released on 23rd June, 2017. The film, which also features Sohail Khan, Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, little Matin Rey Tangu and late Om Puri in crucial roles, is inspired from Hollywood flick Little Boy.


Tubelight is set against the backdrop of 1962 Indo-China war. Lakshman Singh Bisht (Salman) is called Tubelight because he gets things slow. He believes that faith can even move mountains. His brother Bharat (Sohail) goes on a war and didn't return. But, Lakshman has the belief that he will come back. Will the innocent man find his brother? To solve the mystery, you have to rush to theatres.


If you like to see Salman in a macho avatar with six packs and chiselled body then this film is not for you. In Tubelight, Salman can be seen as a happy-go-lucky guy, who selflessly loves his brother Bharat. The off-screen love between Salman and Sohail was well captured on screen. The first half was high on emotions. There were some rib-tickling moments. The second half becomes little tedious and boring and at some point, of time it’s hard for you to ‘yakeen’ on the story.

In Tubelight, Salman’s character Lakshman’s prejudice for North Indians is similar to what most of the people think about them. When Salman’s character Lakshman sees Zhu Zhu and Matin, he makes a perception that they are Chinese.

The music of the film is the combination of some fun-filled and emotional songs. In one of the songs both Salman and Sohail can be seen dancing their hearts out.

Sohail Khan's performance was a pleasant surprise. Though, it was Salman's film, he also manages to get the eyeballs. Actress Zhu Zhu delivered an impressive performance.

Salman Khan tries hard but he was way better in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan

It was very brave of Salman to play a vulnerable character of Lakshman. He tries hard and even manages to make people cry in some of the scenes. But, it will be wrong to say that it is his career’s best performance as he has done a better job in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan.

Matin Rey Tangu, a new talent introduced by Salman

The chemistry between Salman and Matin Rey Tangu was too cute. In fact, it can be said that the superstar has given another gem to the industry as a moon-eyed boy. The little actor looks adorable and even steals the limelight from the superstar in some scenes.

It was great to see Om Puri on screen, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Khan’s ‘knee’ act was amazing

Late Om Puri was one of the finest actors of the country. It is heart-breaking to see that this was his last film. He looked convincing and powerfully delivered the dialogues. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Khan does justice to his role. But, sadly, he didn’t get much space in the film. He left the audiences in splits with his ‘knee’ act.

Shah Rukh Khan cameo doesn’t live up to hype

Well, one of the reasons that fans were waiting for this film with bated breath was Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo as both the superstars are coming together on the silver screen after Karan Arjun. But, I am sad to say that his cameo was a disappointment. SRK appeared as magician but couldn’t spell magic. 

Kabir Khan couldn’t create Bajrangi Bhaijaan magic again

After the super success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, people expected a lot from Kabir Khan. In fact, the trailer indicated that there are similarities between the two films. But, Tubelight fails to reach the level of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Apart from the presence of little stars there is nothing common between the two films.


The dialogues of the film were not up to the mark. At second half, the film becomes little boring and even the people get tired of hearing ‘yakeen’ so many times.

Worth a watch?

Well, we all know that all of Salman’s films Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kick, Ek Tha Tiger created records at the box office. Despite bad reviews, Bhaijaan fans always make his films blockbusters. So, if you are a ‘Salman ka fan’ then you should definitely give it a watch. It is yet to be seen if Tubelight manages to break all previous records created by Bhaijaan's previous films.

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