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Tiger Zinda Hai Review: Paisa-vasool flick as Salman Khan is at his best

Salman Khan as Tiger walks through raging fire without a hair out of place but you even like that because that's what he is loved for.

Shalu Singh [ Updated:December 22, 2017 15:28 IST ]
Tiger Zinda Hai
Tiger Zinda Hai
  • Movie Name:Tiger Zinda Hai
  • Critics Rating: 3 / 5
  • Release Date: DEC 22, 2017
  • Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
  • Genre: Action

The terrific spy Tiger is back after five year of hiatus. Though he has aged a bit but that doesn't appear anywhere as he is more energetic than before. Tiger, played by Salman Khan is now a family man, Zoya, his beloved is his wife and the duo are parents to a boy whom they fondly call Junior.  Ali Abbas Zafar, who has directed this sequel to 2012 blockbuster Ek Tha Tiger has served Bhai's fans with a typical Salman Khan film where the actor is owning every second of the frame.

Beginning from Syria, the movie finds its Tiger in freezing temperature of Swiss Alps where the protagonist is seen fighting a pack of wolves. This is to remind us that our spy has not forgotten his skills despite of being inactive since couple of years. This time Salman shows his heroism in middle east as story is woven around ISC and their menace. Terrorists have held hostage 25 Indian and 15 Pakistani nurses in a hospital in Ikrit (inspired by a true event of 2014). Tikrit has been rechristened as Ikrit and ISIS as ISC. The antagonist, Abu Ussman played by Sajjad Delafrooz, an Iranian-origin based in UAE creates mayhem in desert. As US plans for airstrike, Indians authority have only seven days to free their nurses. In such a crisis, RAW remembers its most charismatic spy, Tiger( Kyunki Tiger Se Achcha Shikar Koi Nahi Karta). It  is from then the thrill begins. Salman and his self-picked cohorts including Angad Bedi and Kumud Mishra embark on a mission to rescue nurses from ISC hotbed.

India Tv - Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger Zinda Hai

Literally, not a single minute goes in the film without the presence of Salman. He is invincible and dodges hundreds of bullets aimed at him. Salman's swagger is to the point, he even sheds his shirt once much to the delight of his fans. But this time, I must say the shirtless body was not only for those whistles but the protagonist really needed to do that. The leading lady, Katrina Kaif is only part of the proceeding and has left majority of the work to be done by the hero. However, I can't say that she is mere an eye candy. She has some jaw-dropping action sequences entirely to her credit and her character even rescues Tiger once. Paresh Rawal plays an amusing character of a RAW agent in the movie. He is the senior-most agent and has close connections with Ussman. Our villian, Delafrooz needs a special mention for pulling off an intimidating role so well.  

The action sequences are beautifully choreographed and you enjoy it thoroughly. From stunts in snow-capped mountains to hand-to-hand combat and that sequence on a horse, all are good. The cherry on the cake is background score which complements the scenes well. Despite the movie being predictable from its trailer, the screenplay keeps you seated through out the duration of 2 hours and 40 minutes. The flick has lot of sequences of vehicles doing somersault, which reminds us of Rohit Shetty. Also, interestingly, the title of the film has been made to utter by different characters, four times. 

India Tv - Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger Zinda Hai

You don't need any logic if Salman takes the centre-stage, just relax on your seat with a popcurn tub and enjoy. He walks through raging fire without a hair out of place but you even like that because that's what he is loved for. You can't expect Bhai's flick to be a content driven cinema, Salman has his peculiar style which is enjoyed by his ardent fans. It is Christmas time guys, go have fun.





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