Saaho Movie Review: Prabhas wins heart in this action extravaganza which lacks gripping storyline

Saaho, starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor in the leading role finally saw a release on the silver screen on August 30, 2019. The film is fully packed with action sequences but lacks a powerful story. Planning to watch the film? Read the review before you book your tickets.

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Updated on: August 30, 2019 17:44 IST
Saaho Movie Review: Prabhas wins heart in this act

Saaho Movie Review: Prabhas wins heart in this action extravaganza which lacks gripping story

  • Movie Name:Saaho
  • Critics Rating: 2 / 5
  • Release Date: August 30, 2019
  • Director: Sujeeth
  • Genre: Action, Thriller

The much-awaited action thriller Saaho, made on a huge budget of Rs 350 crore saw a release on the silver screen on August 30, 2019. Ever since the trailer dropped, the fans have been waiting for this action-flick which stars superstar Prabhas who returns to the screen after Baahubali along with Shraddha Kapoor who is making her Telugu debut.

What is the story about?

Roy (Jackie Shroff) who is the head of a crime syndicate in Waaji city has the dream to legitimize his business but gets assassinated as soon as he reaches Mumbai. Then takes place a major robbery after which everyone starts looking for a black box which is the key to everyone's luck. Prabhas gets introduced as a cop named Ashok Chakravarthy who is asked to solve the case but is, he really an undercover cop? After some bone-cracking and spine-chilling action sequences, the truth finally gets revealed.


With the first half of the film, action begins. While the grim-looking men are indulged in some serious business related to the ‘black box’ which is tucked away at a secret location, the police handsover the case to undercover cop Ashok Chakraborty (Prabhas) and Amritha Nair (Shraddha). Prabhas makes a high-octane entry and fits in the fighting scene very well. However, for fans who were expecting his role to be as charming as in Baahubali, you will face disappointment. His dialogue delivery in the film is quite slow and perhaps it is deliberately kept in that way to make his character more mysterious.

India Tv - Prabhas in Saaho

Prabhas in Saaho

India Tv - Shraddha Kapoor as Amritha in Saaho

Shraddha Kapoor as Amritha in Saaho

Shraddha Kapoor as a cop is average. Her role slowly gets glamorous however lacks proper sketching. Even her romantic sequels with Prabhas seems uneven and lacks chemistry. She emerged as a tough cop in the beginning however slowly instead of saving everyone, she was the one who had to be saved. Talking about the performance, despite having a small screen space, Mandira Bedi has done her job well. There are a lot of villains in the film but amongst them, only Chunky Pandey who played the role of Devraj stood out really well and portrayed the evil character convincingly. The others fail to make an impact.

India Tv - Chunky Pandey as Devraj

Chunky Pandey as Devraj

Saaho that has one of the biggest budgets has very less jaw-dropping moments. There are a lot of stunt sequences that are shot on a great scale, but they simply go blank at the screen. The bike chasing scene is the only one where you will grab the edge of your seats to know what is going to happen next. Prabhas’s persona gets sidelines because of the unnecessary swag and humor which falls flat on the screen and seem pointless for an action movie which Saaho aimed to be. The songs in the film including Pyscho Saiyaan, Enni Soni are a visual treat to the eyes, but others like Bad Boy that has Jacqueline Fernandes showing some sizzling dance moves and Baby Won’t You Tell Me are untimely placed in the narrative. These songs and few extra action scenes add more to an already long runtime.

Overall, Saaho can surely become action lovers’ favourite film however the convoluted screenplay and narration makes it quite slow. The second half picks pace but lacks direction and a strong story. In the end, the movie exhausts us with the black box we wished we had never open.

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