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Laila Majnu Movie Review: Avinash Tiwary is here to stay; this contemporary version of Majnu will grow on you

Laila Majnu is nothing like any other Bollywood love story you've ever seen.

Reshu Manglik Reshu Manglik Updated on: September 07, 2018 15:43 IST
Laila Majnu Movie Review

Laila Majnu Movie Review: Avinash Tiwary is here to stay; this contemporary version of Majnu will grow on you

  • Movie Name:Laila Majnu
  • Critics Rating: 3 / 5
  • Release Date: 07-09-2018
  • Director: Sajid Ali
  • Genre: Romance

Laila Majnu is a love story, but nothing like anything you’ve seen before. It’s about the love that, if not inexistent, is rare. The famous Persian legend that tells the tale of an unending love between Laila and Majnu is rehashed in this contemporary version by Sajid Ali. Written by his superbly talented filmmaker brother Imtiaz Ali, Laila Majnu is a story that will take you to a different realm of love. With a bit of faults here and there, the film is a must watch, for Bollywood has long been short of such love stories.

Laila Majnu Plot

Laila Majnu is a story of Kashmiri girl Laila, who is a daughter of a politician thrown out of power, and her love interest Qais Bhat who is unfortunately, the son of his father’s arch nemesis. Knowing no bounds, they grow close to each other and nurture a dream of spending the life together, happily ever after. But as no love story exists without a villain, here the role of the antagonist is played by Ibban (Summit Kaul). The egoistic father forcefully gets his daughter married to his loyalist Ibban, only to make life hell for Laila. Rest is the retelling of how Laila finds her way back to Majnu only to lose him again.

Laila Majnu Review

First things first, Laila Majnu is definitely not a film for those who steer clear from heart-wrenching love stories. The primary warning for the viewers is that the film is too melancholic, enough to give you a lump in the throat at least. There are scenes that will grow on you so deeply that you may want to wipe that tiny drop of tear from the corner of your eyes.

If you thought that Laila Majnu is the same retelling of the ancient Persian legend, then let us warn you that it might have a surprise for you. Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri play the role of two star-crossed lovers torn apart by the societal norms to a point that they go delirious.

Coming to the acting part, Avinash Tiwary has carried the entire narrative on his shoulder. There won't be a second when you would like to sway away your eyes off him. Especially during the second part, Tiwary as Qais takes us to an entirely different journey of love and its misgivings. Tripti Dimri also have shined in her part well. However, her role was confined to only first half. During the second half, Tiwary takes over, with the script throwing Tripti only to his figments of imagination.

All in all, Laila Majnu is not a film for those hate love stories. If you want to watch a captivatingly beautiful version of Laila Majnu's story, watch this Sajid Ali film.