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Wives Speak About Obama, Cameron, Brown

Looks like, the wives of the world's famous leaders are having their own tough time because of the habits of their husbands. In her first TV interview, Britain's Conservative Party leader David Cameron's wife Samantha's

PTI [ Updated: March 15, 2010 13:15 IST ]
wives speak about obama cameron brown
wives speak about obama cameron brown

Looks like, the wives of the world's famous leaders are having their own tough time because of the habits of their husbands.

In her first TV interview, Britain's Conservative Party leader David Cameron's wife Samantha's description of life at home with the Tory leader bears striking similarities to depictions by those other political Wags (Wives and Girlfriends), Michelle Obama and Sarah Brown, reports The Mail, London.  

Here is what Michelle has to say about US President Barack Obama : “He still has trouble..putting his socks actually in the dirty clothes. Today he didn't put his butter up after he made his breakfast….Marriage is hard, Going into it..no one tells you that. The bumps happen to everybody all the times, and they are continuous.”

This is Sarah Brown's take on Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown : “I know he's not a saint. He's messy, He's noisy…We hve seen each other through some tough times…We have been through the best of times and the worst of times as a family…He will always make the time for people, for his family, for his friends, for any one who needs him. That's part of the reason why I love him as much as I do. That is what makes him the man for Britain, too.”

The wifely formula appears to be: 'My husband has his flaws, like any man, and we have been through some tough times as a couple, but I love him and you should vote for him.'

The Tory leader's mother also speaks about him on the TV programme with Sir Trevor McDonald, recalling his childhood.

'He always had something to say, even when he was five or six. We went on holiday with another family and they said "For, heaven's sake, can't you shut David up?'

In the same show with Sir Trevor McDonald, David Cameron tells how Samantha stops him making 'idiotic' decisions - and becoming big-headed.

He says: 'Where she is brilliant is she has this 40,000ft view. So I'll come home and say, "I'm wrestling with this problem, whether we should do A or B and if we do A it means this and if we do B" - and she goes, "It's obvious, if you do that you look an idiot, you must do this."'

She also keeps him grounded. He says: 'The first time I met Barack Obama, he came through the UK in the middle of his election tour and we were meant to have gone on our summer holiday to Devon and I said, "I can't darling, I've got to meet Obama."

'Samantha had to pack up the car and take the children while I met Obama and then jumped on a train to Devon. I said, "It's amazing, I've met Barack Obama, great man." 'She said, "I'm not really interested, that one needs his nappy changed, that one needs to get dressed, now will you get on with it?"'

Cameron also recalls getting lost the first time he went to meet Samantha when she was living in a rundown part of Bristol, where she was a student.

'I wound down the car window to ask someone the way and suddenly realised that the person with their head in the window of the door was not walking the streets but working the street.

'It flashed through my mind, "My political career is over before it's begun. Kerb-crawling in Bristol." I made my excuses and left, as they say.'

He jokes that Samantha got him his first break as a Tory candidate in Stafford when she fell over at a selection meeting after they had been for a drink.

'We were last on and had a pint for Dutch courage,' he says. 'As we were going up the steps to make the speech, Samantha fell on to the stage. I think the only reason they selected me was they remembered the one whose wife fell on to the stage.'

He failed to win Stafford in 1997 but was elected MP for Witney in Oxfordshire in 2001.

He talks of how they overcame the death of their disabled son Ivan, six, in February last year.

'After Ivan died, I did stop and think, "Is this what I want to do, is this life?" I took some time off, maybe I should have taken a bit more off.

'It was an enormous shock, I came through clearer, thinking, "This is what I want to do, this is what I am about, these are the things I care about."'

He knows some will not vote for him because of his Etonian background. 'I accept that in the eyes of many people that is very posh, a very privileged upbringing. If the next Election is about "Let's not have a posh Prime Minister", I'm not going to win it,' he says.

He denies that a Tory billboard poster of him was doctored. 'It wasn't airbrushed, I am afraid I have a baby face. That is what I look like,' he says.

He says the expenses scandal has damaged all MPs and adds: 'A joke went round the other day that scientists were thinking of replacing rats in their experiments with politicians.

'Someone asked them why and they said, "There are plenty of politicians, no one minds what happens to them and there are some things rats just won't do."'

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