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Ezra Miller, Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey and other Hollywood actors fired over serious allegations

Hollywood actors are increasingly facing fire over their off-set behaviour so much so that many have been fired from ongoing productions over allegations.   

Devasheesh Pandey Written by: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: June 19, 2022 16:59 IST
Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Hollywood actors fired from movies over allegations

Ezra Miller has been facing serious allegations for a while now. He has been arrested more than a couple of times over allegations of misconduct and now, Warner Bros has cut ties with the actor and put all their future projects with Miller on hold, including the much-awaited The Flash. Not just Miller, other actors, and filmmakers in the West have been facing the brunt of poor and inexcusable off-set behaviour. Let's take a look. 

Johnny Depp

Depp was fired by Warner Bros from the Fantastic Beasts franchise after domestic abuse allegations surfaced and case was filed by ex-wife Amber Heard.


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Kevin Spacey

Spacey has been mired in various #MeToo allegations. This also led to his firing from the hit Netflix series House of Cards. Production on the show's final season was put on hold. It ultimately aired with Robin Wright as its main star.  



Gina Carano

Carano was fired from The Mandalorian series over political comments. Carano, who had made controversial comments on social media before, was asked not to return to the Lucasfilm and Disney show. The plans to make a spin-off show of her character were also canceled.


Jussie Smollett

The actor was fired from Empire after hiring two acquaintances to stage a hate crime against himself.  He was charged with making a false police report and fired from the series, which was in its fifth season.  

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Armie Hammer 

All production houses cut ties with the Call Me By Your Name actor Armie Hammer when sexual assault allegations surfaced against him in 2021. Hammer’s only statement on the matter came when he departed Shotgun Wedding, calling the claims against him “bullshit.” 





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