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Vikrant Massey unfazed by social media scrutiny: Virtual space can't dictate decision-making | EXCLUSIVE

Vikrant Massey, when asked if social media scrutiny affects his choice of projects, states that the virtual space cannot dictate anyone’s decision-making. He says, "I respond to my gut feeling."

Parina Taneja Written By: Parina Taneja New Delhi Published on: July 20, 2022 15:53 IST
Vikrant massey
Image Source : VIKRANT MASSEY Vikrant massey

Vikrant Massey, one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood, has an interesting line-up of films. The actor is currently shooting for 'Sector 36' with Maddock films and says that his character is "unique, something I have never done before. I am very excited to see the reaction of audiences to this new role." Other than 'Sector 36', Vikrant has Bollywood movies like Yaar Jigri, Mumbaikar and Gaslight in the pipeline. Asked if it is easy for him to jump from one character to another when working on multiple projects, he says, "It’s always an effort to switch characters."

"What’s the point if you do not imbibe each one of them and use the opportunity to live that role. Hence again, I like to move fast doing more characters in the coming months and years, but I will always live slow in those characters. And taking that effort comes effortlessly to me as long as I am aligned with the stories I choose to be part of. This is my comfort zone," he adds.

At a time when films and characters are subjected to harsh scrutiny on social media, actors are being targeted for their choice of films and the characters they play. When asked if it affects the choice of projects or does Vikrant Massey ever self-moral-police, he states that the virtual space cannot dictate anyone’s decision-making.

Vikrant says, "Yes, it is true that lately, films and actors have been exposed to harsh scrutiny by social media. A lot of the chatter about celebrities and movies is virtual, but in my opinion, there is a huge disconnect between what is said on various social media platforms and reality. However, this has never affected my choice in films and the kind of roles that I get to do. The virtual space cannot dictate one’s decision-making, as an actor I respond to my gut feeling. The script, the co-actors, and the opportunities it possesses for me are the key factors for my choices of films and views on social media have never affected those."

Further, talking about the parameters he considers before making a final call, he shares, "There are a lot of factors that go into making a decision of doing a film. It all begins with the story of a film, the world that has been created to explore is very enticing for me. The people, one is collaborating with- be it the actors, director, producer, what is the intent of the film and them coming together to tell a story, is important in the creative process. Another key factor is the challenges and opportunities that a film throws at me as an actor, does it help me take a step forward in the direction that I aspire in my career. All of these factors collectively come together in making the next move."

While Vikrant has been making waves with his acting talent, his style statements grab many eyeballs as well. Recently, he collaborated with menswear brand DaMENSCH to promote slow fashion. The actor has always been an inspiration when it comes to comfortable fashion. He says, "Fashion is a place of comfort for me. I feel, it shouldn’t talk for me, but simply make me feel comfortable wherever I am. My go-to's are always plain solid clothes. A little airy, a bit of classic colours. Simple stuff. But at the same, it’s quality that matters most."

Talking about "#MoveFastLiveSlow" campaign of DaMENSCH, Vikrant claims that it shows how quality will always be timeless and in trend. He adds, "the brand and my life philosophy matched. DaMENSCH wanted to present their world’s first 500-Day Warranty Fashion Collection through a personality that matched their ethos - which is quality over quantity. Plus, the message of how in a world where we all move so fast, a reminder to live a little slow is actually something I keep thinking about."

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