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Singer Benny Dayal slams airlines for mishandling instruments: 'You have zero concern for musicians'

Benny Dayal slammed all airlines for not training their ground staff and luggage handlers on how to take care of instruments that are loaded onto a flight as cargo.

Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: December 30, 2022 16:40 IST
Benny Dayal
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/BENNYDAYALOFFICIAL Benny Dayal shares video on Instagram slamming airlines

Benny Dayal has shared a video on social media highlighting the concern of musicians who trust their instruments to the luggage handlers and ground staff during check-in. Dayal took the names of all airlines and asserted that their staff was manhandling the musical instruments during air travel and this was costing the musicians who travel across cities and even abroad for shows and concerts. Dayal's video has been trending on social media as it highlights a major concern and he has also been getting support from fellow Indian musicians and netizens. 

Benny Dayal blames airlines for 'breaking' instruments

Benny Dayal posted a video in which he talked about the way music instruments were being handled during air travel. He shared that his own instruments have been broken during travel. He said, "A simple message to all the airlines in India. Musicians work very hard to make money and that depends on how their instruments are handled by you guys when they travel for concerts and shows all across the country. You guys have zero love, zero care and zero concern for a musician's instruments. I have been seeing a lot of videos by people where their instruments have been broken by you and you have shown zero accountability for your actions. It is totally unacceptable. Even for me, you guys broke two of my bags in seven days and I still require it. I need it back. You guys have zero care for musicians and their feelings. You guys need to manage your entire luggage-handling team. You guys don't brief them on handling things properly because of which people's instruments come back broken when they have travelled to another city. Even before they have reached at the show, the instrument is broken. It's my humble request to all the airlines, handle our instruments with care." 

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Benny Dayal's humble appeal to airlines 

After slamming airlines for mishandling instruments, Benny Dayal humbly requested them to take accountability and train their staff. "A humble request to all airlines and ground staff. We need our instruments because that's what feeds us. That's what pays for our food. Nobody is good at handling instruments. You know it is a group check-in. They are loading all the instruments together, managing the weights and compromising a lot of things in this process. Please stop breaking instruments. Please be accountable for the mistakes you guys make and don't make us look like fools and make us run around left, right and center," Dayal concluded. 

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