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BTS RM aka Kim Namjoon deletes over 100 Instagram posts then surprises fans with new photos

BTS RM aka Kim Namjoon had a beautiful aesthetic for his Instagram and fans enjoyed how he used to share gorgeous portraits, paintings and scenery on his feed. However, now the rapper has deleted all of them and surprised fans with a new bunch.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: February 15, 2023 12:21 IST
BTS RM aka Kim Namjoon deletes over 100 Instagram posts
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/RKIVE BTS RM aka Kim Namjoon deletes over 100 Instagram posts

BTS RM aka Kim Namjoon has been ruling the headlines since the release of his solo album Indigo last year. The album was released on December 2 and RM has been breaking records on every platform. Now, the BTS leader has again hit the news and this time the reason is his Instagram account. On Monday, Kim Namjoon suddenly deleted over 100 Instagram posts, leaving fans confused and worried. Fans went into a mini meltdown as RM's posts went from 130 to 12 within a few minutes. Among the 12 posts that are left on his Instagram feed, 10 are related to the rapper's solo album Indigo.

BTS RM's last post was about The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge, the show he was co-hosting with director Jang Hang Jun. He shared it over two weeks ago on January 27. However, hours after deleting the old posts, RM treated fans with some new photos. Captioned as 'Hi', he shared a collection of new paintings and pics with friends.

As soon as Namjoon deleted the posts, BTS ARMY flooded Twitter with their confusion and asked him the reason. One Twitter user wrote, "The loss. Unspeakable. All those posts, all those visits to museums, all those pieces of art.. Well, they never belonged to us in the first place, but for him to keep and cherish. You must have your reasons, Namjoon." Another tweeted, "one day you just think they dance well and the next you're crying because Namjoon deleted a sequence of 117 conceptual photos of tours, museums and having fun from his instagram."

Many fans also supported BTS RM as he deleted the posts. A user said, "Namjoon literally archived his twenties (or deleted his IG photos for good, we’ll never know). I visit his feed because it has healing properties and I’m grateful for the things he shares. Now, his song No. 2 comes to mind, “no looking back anymore”. You do you, Namjoon."

Kim Namjoon isn't the only one who broke the internet by deleting his Instagram posts. Last year, BTS' youngest member Jungkook also left the fans worried and shocked after he deleted all the photos from his Instagram. Later he revealed the reason during a VLIVE and said that he wanted to change the style and aesthetic of his social media which is why he removed the old posts.

Jungkook said, "Why did I delete all the Instagram feed? There's no reason for it. I just didn't like the vibes/setting of the feed so I thought of just redoing it. there was just something about it that I didn't like. I didn't even know there's a restoration time for it."



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