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BTS Jungkook receives DEATH THREATS; worried ARMYs demand BigHit for protection

BTS: According to reports, Jungkook has received death threats, which has infuriated the ARMYs.

India TV Trending Desk Written By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: May 18, 2023 11:55 IST
Jungkook of BTS
Image Source : TWITTER/DAILY_JK97 BTS Jungkook receives death threats, ARMYs concerned

BTS Jungkook is one of the most admired singers in the Kpop industry and the lead vocalist of BTS, the most beloved Kpop group. So when the singer allegedly got death threats, it was obvious that the ARMYs were fiercely protective of the Golden Maknae. A recent post on WeVerse by Jungkook was translated by a Twitter user, "Please don't send food delivery to my house. Even if you send it, I won't eat it. I'm thankful for the thought, but since I eat well by myself, you (the sender) can buy and eat it. I'm requesting. If it's sent one more time, I'll inquire about the order number on the receipt and take measures. Therefore, please stop heh." 

BTS Jungkook refused to consume the food sent to him by one of his 'fans' and even warned him to take strict action if the person didn't stop. If the stories are accurate, the fan was enraged and sorted to send him death threats. This left the ARMYs incensed and highly disheartened. Many urged BigHit, Hybe to take action against the accused Instagram account '@chu02859' and demanded security for the musician through their tweets. 

"They need to know for them to take necessary precaution at all costs. We don’t even know if Bighit is reading emails. This is a serious matter that they need to be aware of. It’s their safety that is of at stake" says one user, "Protect Jungkook and ensure his safety as death threats had been made against him by an account claiming that they have access to his home address as they are the one that SENT HIM FOOD. His safety is of utmost priority. TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY!!!! @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @BIGHIT_MUSIC @bts_bighit #PROTECTJUNGKOOK BIGHIT PROTECT JUNGKOOK HYBE PROTECT YOUR ARTIST" commented one user. One other user wrote, "#PROTECTJUNGKOOK BIGHIT PROTECT JUNGKOOK HYBE PROTECT YOUR ARTIST"

Take a look at the tweets that ARMYs have sent out in support and concern for their favorite star Jungkook-

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