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Shahid Kapoor reveals Mira Rajput gets upset when kids Misha-Zain get trolled

Kabir Singh actor, Shahid Kapoor talks about his children Misha and Zain. He also reveals how Mira reacts seeing her little children getting trolled.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi Published on: June 13, 2019 7:57 IST
Shahid Kapoor reveals Mira Rajput gets upset when kids Misha-Zain get trolled
Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Shahid Kapoor reveals Mira Rajput gets upset when kids Misha-Zain get trolled

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are proud parents of Misha and Zain. Their happy family sometimes become a victim of trolls. Mira Rajput who is often regular in posting updates about children Misha and Zain on her Instagram account, face criticism too. The little kids Misha and Zain are trolled for no reason, and that's cruel for the innocent toddlers. Recently, Shahid Kapoor in a chat show with Neha Dhupia shared how as parents Mira and he try to face such situations and protect their children from the cruels of the world. Also, Shahid Kapoor reveals how it feels to be a father of a baby boy.

Neha Dhupia asked Shahid Kapoor how does it feel to be a father to a baby boy, to which Shahid Kapoor left the most adorable reply. He said, "He is so good looking, I am fanboying him all day."

Neha took the conversation forward to ask, "Is it like a mini-me moment for you?"

Shahid Kapoor again left us to go 'AWWWW' with his response. He said, "Not at all. He is way better looking than me. He has got (features from) both of us (Mira and I). Because he is a boy and he was born with a lot of hair, everybody thinks he looks similar to me, but actually, I think his features are a lot more like Mira's. He has got sharper features which are nice for a boy and I think both of them are like a little bit of a mixture of both of us. But he is just really good looking."

The actor continued to say, "I don't think it can be explained. Everybody who has a daughter will understand what I mean...and with Zain, it's more like a buddy vibe like even though he is just eight months old but I still buddy him, and with Misha it's like, it's different."

This reminded Shahid of the trolls they often encounter. He said, "Anybody who is anything in this generation has definitely got trolled a few times. If you haven't, then you're probably nobody." 

Neha asked, "How do you deal with it because sometimes you bring it back home?"

Shahid Kapoor then replied saying, "This is exactly what you do. You tell yourself that I am somebody man. They're trolling me, I am important. I am so bloody important. The more the trolling, the bigger I am. The more the trolling, the bigger I am." Even Misha and Zain have not been spared from trolls."

When asked how his wife Mira reacts to the constant trolling, Shahid Kapoor revealed that she still comes to him and says, "How can somebody say this? Are they not human beings? Don't they understand they're talking about children."

"So, now it's only the kids. So, I think with me and her, she is over that part. But with kids, she can get a little like, what the hell," he continued to say. 

On the professional front, Shahid Kapoor will be seen in Kabir Singh opposite Kiara Advani. The movie is an official remake of a Telugu movie, Arjun Reddy. The movie is set to hit the theatres on June 21. Watch official trailer