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Living in fear of safety, says Mumbai man whom Anushka Sharma scolded for littering

Virat Kohli recently shared a video in which Anushka Sharma was seen scolding a man for littering on road.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: June 20, 2018 12:24 IST ]
Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma
Image Source : PTI

Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma

Cricketer Virat Kohli recently shared a video of his angry wife Anushka Sharma schooling a man who threw garbage on the road. After the video went viral, people started scolding the man and the latter also preferred to speak up on the matter. Identifying himself as Arhhan Singh, he shared a lengthy post on Facebook criticising the lady for ranting and yelling. While talking to a leading daily Arhhan and his mother opened up on the incident calling it unfortunate.

The Mumbai gut stated that the incident was unfortunate, but it was not right to record video without his consent adding that it has left his family shaken. In an interview to mid-day, he said, “My family members and I are living in fear of our safety.”

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Disclaimer: i have no desire to gain any mileage from this post of mine... Horrible! So I happened to carelessly Litter a sq mm of plastic while driving ! A car passing by rolls their window down and there we have our wonderful @anushkasharma ranting and yelling like a crazy roadside person! While I’m apologetic for my carelessness , Mrs Anushka Sharma Kohli a little etiquette and politeness in ur dialogue wouldn’t have made u a lesser star !! There are all kinds of manners and hygiene .. verbal etiquette is one of them ! The garbage that mistakenly went out of the window of my "luxury car"... Was way less then the garbage that came out from your mouth... From ur "luxury car's" window... Or the trashy mind @virat.kohli to shoot and post this online... For whatever gains... Now thats some serious trash!!!

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Arhhan’s mother Gittanjali asked how it is justified to label his son as garbage man just on the basis of cellophane. She stated, “We're going through a nightmare. The kind of threatening and derogatory comments against my son and family have been traumatising.”

Gittanjali added that she would have treated the whole matter differently if she would have been at Anushka’s place. The lady went on to say that rather than shooting him and exposing him to public hatred, she would have politely request the person to throw garbage in the dustbin. 

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