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  5. World Mental Health Day 2020: 5 possible reasons of stress, anxiety and depression in Bollywood

World Mental Health Day 2020: 5 possible reasons of stress, anxiety and depression in Bollywood

Being celebrities do they go through the same pressure which a common man does? Read on to know more about it in detail on the World Mental Health Day 2020

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New Delhi Updated on: October 10, 2020 21:31 IST
World Mental Health Day 2020: 5 possible reasons of depression in Bollywood

Mental Health issues in Bollywood

Depression and mental health issues are still considered big taboos which need to be discussed more often. Many people refuse to believe that depression is real and can be a serious illness. Especially, when you are a celebrity it gets even harder to deal with the stress and anxiety problems. Most of the Bollywood stars go through a lot of pressure doing their jobs which include being confronted by media, getting trolled on social media and much more.

Many popular names have come out and about to speak regarding mental health issues like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma. But being celebrities do they go through the same pressure which a common man does? Well, that may differ as being a part of showbiz their struggles and lives are totally different which an everyday person does not get to experience. Therefore, here we look at 5 possible factors that may cause depression in celebrities.

Social Media

Gone are the days when people used to read about celebrities and their latest happenings in Magazines. Now the letters and fan mails have been replaced by comments and tweets online which often leads to trolling. Yes, almost everyday celebs are trolled and bullied on social media which adds to a lot of pressure mentally. Be it their private lives or professional lives, they are often considered soft targets by the people online. This can increase anxiety and stress.

Dealing with paparazzi 

A common man does not have to think before stepping out but a celebrity has to. With the constant paparazzi presence, each and every move of actors are monitored. There isn’t much privacy which puts celebrities at a constant pressure to be the perfect role models for their fans. The thorough need to come out as a perfect person in front of the world always can lead to immense stress and anxiety. 

Constant pressure to look presentable

Celebrities are expected to set a good example in front of everyone and therefore need to look presentable every time. Also, they need to stay in shape and take extra care about their weight to stay in the business. Different kinds of roles and characters expect them to drastically change their physical appearance which is also one of the factors that cause anxiety issues and fear.

Work Pressure

Usually, a person follows 9 to 5 shifts but it's not how the acting field works. Here, celebs have to be on their toes all through. Right from promotions, to hours of shooting and attending events, they are under constant stress. Apart from that, actors go through box-office failures, financial losses overnight and they are also under threat of not being able to maintain their success levels. This may eventually lead to heavy mental health problems and even depression.


Like other people, celebrities too face breakups, divorces and separations. However, their private life isn't as private. Their personal relationships being discussed in public openly can also be a major reason for them to feel alarmed. This can be a big reason for a lot of people to take therapy and consult a doctor. 

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