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Influencer Freddy Birdy recalls time when Virat Kohli was flirting with Anushka Sharma in nicest way

The internet sensation Freddy Birdy takes to his Instagram account and tells about the time when he was asked to write a cover story on the Indian film actress, Anushka Sharma. Through the interview, he tried to learn about Virat from her.

Edited By: Sakshi Verma @ New Delhi Updated on: July 02, 2024 13:19 IST
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Influencer Freddy shares Anushka and Virat's early dating story

Freddy Birdy, a creator speaks about the time when American Vogue magazine asked him to write a cover story on the Bollywood's well-known actress Anushka Sharma. He recalls the time of Anushka, being single and living in a penthouse apartment. For the magazine interview, he flew from Delhi to Bombay (now Mumbai). Besides the influencer, there was someone else who was more excited than him, it was his driver. As they were about to reach the actress's apartment, his driver asked him to know whether she was dating Virat Kohli or not. 

The story

On meeting the actress, Freddy says she was looking gorgeous without even trying to appear special. She walked in saying that her mother told her to comb your hair for this person (Freddy). But, they look better like this, she said. Apart from being beautiful, Anushka was calm, funny and talked nicely. After they had a conversation for some time and looked like they were some old friends, then Freddy's Burkha Dutt instinct came and he decided to ask the question about her relationship with Virat which his driver wanted to know. 

Anushka pretended that she didn't have any idea about the question being asked. Her best acting skills came into play here. Then, Freddy thought to let go of the question because he is not Arnab Goswami. A few minutes later her phone rang, she picked up the call and started talking. Freddy, the influencer was able to hear the person's voice on the phone due to the silence in the room. That person was none other than, Virat Kohli who was flirting nicely with the actress, making dinner plans with her. 

After coming back in the car, his driver asked him whether she said something about Virat or not. However, Freddy knew the answer and smiled to himself, answering his driver with 'no'. 

Anushaka's reaction to the post

In the post shared on Instagram, Anushka wrote in the comment section, "Freddy.... with hearts and hug emojis". To which the influencer replied with many sparkling emojis. Besides her, other well-known personalities showered their love in the comment section giving blessings to the couple. 

About the couple

In today's world, Virat Kohli has become a well-known name of which everyone is aware and knows about. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma got married in the year 2017. Now, they both have two children- their daughter, Vamika and son Akaay. The couple have managed well to live a private life happily being away from the media.

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