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Brahmastra's Ranbir Kapoor vs Marvel Superheroes: Is it fair to compare Bollywood film with Hollywood?

Trailer of 'Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva' featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Amitabh Bachchan was unveiled today. The trailer of the magnum opus is being compared to Hollywood superhero films from Marvel & DC. But is it fair?

Vaishali Jain Written by: Vaishali Jain New Delhi Updated on: June 16, 2022 10:16 IST
Brahmastra: Part 1 Shiva
Image Source : YOUTUBE

Brahmastra: Part 1 Shiva

"Brahmastra looks like Marvel meets Harry Potter and beyond," said a user after watching the much anticipated trailer of Ayan Mukerji's film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy. The trailer of the upcoming magnum opus 'Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva' which was unveiled on Wednesday morning was packed with heavy impressive VFX shots indicating the film's grand scale. Ranbir, as the titular character, Shiva is a superhero of sorts. He has some kind of astral "energy" and the fire doesn't burn him. 

Brahmastra vs Marvel movies

Soon after the trailer of Brahmastra was released, fans took to social media saying it reminded them of multiple superheroes from Hollywood. While some compared Ranbir's character to Marvel superheroes, others said that the setting of Astraverse reminds them of Harry Potter. 

"#Brahmastra looks like Marvel meets Harry Potter and beyond. Looks out of this world. Could be the next level of Indian cinema. I'm excited," a Twitter user noted. While another said, "brahmastra might be a indian version of a marvel movie." 

Is it fair to compare Bollywood film Brahmastra with big budget Hollywood movies?

As comparisons came running in, some also noted how it is unfair to compare Brahmastra with big-budget Hollywood superhero films from Marvel and DC. To back their opinion, they mentioned how there is a huge difference in the budget. "#Brahmastra is one of the amazing Indian movie #trailer, We all should support this movie. They are taking a big risk to make superhero movie in the existing universe of Marvel and DC. And please don't start comparing each other because #Hollywood has a budget of thousands of cr," a user shared on Twitter.

"The thing with #Brahmastra is tht, if today, we dont support this movie, then we shldn't expect Indian Cinema to make big budget movies which spend a huge sum on VFX. We cant expect Marvel Level Visuals straight-away, but the intent needs to be appreciated."

While Internet users were positive in accepting the trailer, they pointed out how the filmmakers have to make sure that the film is strong in terms of story because comparisons are bound to happen. And since, the audience is exposed to quality content across the streaming platforms they wouldn't be settling for anything less.

"#Brahmastra VFX may be the best in Indian films so far but the world is a small place now and it’s entire audience has watched Marvel movies. You’ve gotta match international standards or be better." 

Film's director Ayan Mukerji says Brahmastra 'takes us forward with our technology'. "Marking the beginning of a new cinematic universe, 'The Astraverse', I believe Brahmastra is the kind of film that the country would feel really proud of," he said in a statement as the trailer of Brahmastra was launched. 

He further added, "It touches on our roots; celebrates our rich culture and it takes us forward with our technology. The film is proudly Indian and Imaginative and bringing together some of Pan-India's most renowned names was a dream come true!"

About Brahmastra

Based on Indian mythology, the film is set in contemporary India, where a secret society called the Brahmansh has guarded 'Astras' created in ancient India for generations. The most powerful among these, the Brahmastra, is now waking up and it threatens to destroy the universe.

Constructed as a trilogy, which is part of an 'Astraverse' created by Mukerji, the first part follows the protagonist Shiva (Kapoor), who is in love with Isha (Bhatt). Their lives are changed forever when Shiva learns that he has a mysterious connection to the 'Brahmastra' and a great power within him that he doesn't understand just yet - the power of fire.



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