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World's top 9 fugitives includes Dawood Ibrahim

India TV News Desk [Published on:06 Nov 2012, 6:19 PM]
Indiatv News

When it comes to people committing crimes, most fugitives try to do it in a way so that police and law enforcement officials won't be able to find them. 

While some succeed, most do not.  

In the world of crime, those who are caught are sentenced and usually spend time in jail or some other place that'd make the common person freak.

However, those who have not been caught, well…let's just say they're either lucky, smart, or just really good at hiding and escaping from the police.  

Here are the top 9 fugitives that were never caught.  

Originally it was a list of 10 where Osama bin Laden was at the top. But after he was killed by the US army, this list has been reduced to 9.

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