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Know about Aarushi-Hemraj murder case, India's biggest murder mystery

India TV News Desk [Published on:26 Nov 2013, 2:54 PM]
Indiatv News

New Delhi: Tears, narco test, jail, legal wrangles - are the stuff  Aarushi, Hemraj murder case was made up of.

It still continues to be India's biggest murder mystery, because nobody, for sure, knows what happened on the night of May 15, 2008.

The facts still lie in darkness, with the lawcourts none the wiser.

The murder weapon was never recovered, the post mortem reports were botched up, crucial evidences at  the scene of crime were literally destroyed with policemen and mediapersons descending on Talwar's flat in Jal Vayu Vihar, Noida.

This mystery case is one, which was never properly investigated. There were errors right from the very beginning.

The country's ace investigating agency, the CBI, changed its stance twice. The UP police tied itself up in knots.

The CBI went to the extent of flushing out the stinking drain in search of evidence like the murder weapon, but did not find any.

And, the botched-up case will be a sure headache for the Allahabad High Court and Supreme Court, as the appeals will meander through a treacherous course.

If you uphold the conviction of the Talwars, you surely have to face questions about  what exactly happened that night? And, were there any evidences against the couple?

If you honourably discharge the Talwars, you will face the music from the media as to on what grounds the court came to the conclusion that the couple was innocent?

Let's have a close look at the salient red herrings in Aarushi, Hemraj murder case:

1. Aarushi's body is found in her bedroom on May 16th morning, and needle of suspicion moves towards Hemraj, who is missing. Aarushi is cremated.

2. Decomposed body of Hemraj was found on the terrace by a retired DSP K K Gautam. the next day. Rajesh fails to identify the body, Hemraj's friend confirms it is Hemraj's body.

3. Rajesh Talwar takes Aarushi's ashes to Haridwar for immersion in Ganga.

4. More red herrings emerge. Suspicion falls on a former servant Vishnu Sharma .

5. A week after the murders, Rajesh Talwar is arrested for double murder. Police says, Aarushi came to know about Rajesh's "affair" with the wife of a friend and her proximity to Hemraj led to the murders.

6. 15 days later, CBI takes over the case, questions rajesh for three days.

7. A month and a week later, IG Meerut Gurdarshan Singh describes Aarushi "as characterless as her father" and says the father murdered her and Hemraj.

All this, without any concrete evidence.

The IG is shunted out and re-instated after two months.

8. CBI arrests Rajesh's compounder Krishna, friend Durrani's servant Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal, a neighbour's servant on charge of murdering Aarushi, Hemraj. More red herrings inserted.

9. CBI joint director and head of probe Arun Kumar said, the three servants and Hemraj wanted to sexually assault Aarushi, leading to the twin murders.

10. Two months later, CBI hands over probe to another official AGL Kaul. 

Krishna, Rajkumar and Mandal released.

11. Four months later, Aarushi's cellphone is found on a road in Noida's Salarpur area.

It's memory card has been wiped clean.

The Central Forensic Lab says most of the physical evidences from the crime scene and Aarushi's vaginal swabs were tampered with. 

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