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Maharashtra couple goes to Delhi to escape floods, daughter gets abducted

A couple from Maharashtra went to Delhi to escape floods back home. Their daughter got abducted on Friday night from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station. Crimes of abduction of children are on the rise in Delhi. The Delhi Police has launched Operation Milap to speed up reuniting missing/abducted children with their parents.

Kumar Sonu Reported by: Kumar Sonu New Delhi Updated on: July 13, 2019 12:14 IST
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Image for representation

When they decided to go to Delhi to escape floods back home, little did a couple from Maharashtra think that their daughter will be abducted. But that's 

what happened exactly. After their two-year-old daughter went missing from Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi, the couple rushed to the police.

Abduction of children is on the rise in Delhi. To counter the menace, Delhi Police has launched Operation Milaap under which sustained efforts are put into 

investigation in order to find missing or abducted children.

After receiving inputs about the case from Nizamuddin Railway Police, Delhi Police constituted a team to find the two-year-old. After initial investigation 

was fruitless, the police closely examined CCTV footage. They sppotted a woman carrying a baby away from the platform. A man was also seen following 


The police started zeroing-in on these two and it was soon found that the man, named Raju, is a worker on the railway platform. After knowing that he has 

suddenly gone missing, the police was certain that finding him will be the key to solve the crime. Police networks were alerted and Raju was soon arrested. 

It was revealed that the woman seen with the toddler in the CCTV footage was Raju's wife. She was arrested as well. It was revealed in their interrogation 

that the couple did not have a child because of which they attempted the crime.

The couple from Washim, Maharashtra was reunited with their baby girl. Quick action by the police led to arrest of the criminals within 24 hours.

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