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Working towards a healthier world

Set up by SP Singh Chawla in 1995, Trrust Health Care is a leading pharmaceutical company, which is providing safe, effective and reliable pharmaceuticals to its clients in India and abroad

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SP Singh Chawla, Trrust Health Care, pharma sector

SP Singh Chawla, Founder and Chairman, Trrust Health Care, Amritsar

Confidence, hard work, positive thinking and risk taking are the main components which have contributed towards the success of SP Singh Chawla, Founder and Chairman,  Trrust Health Care, Amritsar. He is someone who always greets life with a smile. Known for his integrity and values, the qualities he inherited from his father, Late S.Parduman Singh Chawla, he has made a mark in the pharmaceutical sector of the region with his far-sighted vision and determination to do something for the society. The fact that the company is today a landmark for quality healthcare products can be attributed to the unflinching efforts of Chawla. 

Initial steps

Starting from a small office in 1995, to today having a pan-India presence, Amritsar-based Trrust Health Care has come a long way in the past 27 years. Established by SP Singh Chawla,the company has over the years built a reputation of being one of the best pharmaceutical companies across India. It is known for its research and development in the field of pharmaceuticals.As the Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing day by day. Trrust Health Care is also expanding with the passage of time. 

SP Singh Chawla is highly qualified and has completed his M.Sc (Chemistry) from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. While doing M.Sc (Chemistry),he had undertaken a project, which was based on the formulation of drugs, and this triggered his interest in the field. During that time only he had made up his mind to start his own pharmaceutical company after completing his higher studies. Later, he undertook Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) of Punjab Government, which proved very fruitful for him  in starting his own venture. 

Starting own venture

Once Chawla started his own pharmaceutical company,Trrust Health Care, he never looked back and touched newer heights of growth and success year after year. Chawla gives credit for his success to his father, Late S. Parduman Singh Chawla, who ran a medical store. “He was my mentor and guru. His experience and guidance helped me a lot in successfully running the pharmaceutical business,” he recalled, and said, “The blessings of my father are always with me and it gives me a lot of strength and inspiration.” 

Chawla revealed that he started this company from a small office. “Now Ihave my own factory and presence in 22 states across India and even in some foreign countries. There are around 40 employees, who are dedicatedly working for the overall growth of the company,” beams Chawla. 

He has got further strength and support in his business after both his sons Balkirat Singh Chawla and Sachkirat Singh Chawla joined the business. Presently, Balkirat Singh Chawla and Sachkirat Singh Chawla are Managing Director and Director, respectively, of the company. “We have not yet entered the South Indian market so far. Now we have big plans to explore the market there.We see a great potential for our products down South,” informed Chawla.  

Building trust

Trrust Health Care has been ranked among top Indian pharmaceutical companies. Its business focuses on contract manufacturing, custom synthesis, FTE research, and the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals products and services to clients across the globe. Its product portfolio includes a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), fine intermediates, finished drug formulations (FDFs), phyto pharmaceuticals and CRAMS.

“The company firmly believes and has consistently practiced good corporate governance which is reflected by our values such as transparency, professionalism and accountability. Without being swayed by passing phenomena and the social climate of the time, we will enhance our corporate values by ensuring that any and all of our business activities are so carried out that we may achieve higher credibility with our stakeholders across the globe,” emphasises Chawla.

Vast range of products

Presently, the company manufactures around a dozen products, which are related to Piles, diabetes care, joint & muscle care, weight control, stomach, fitness and personal care. Chawla informs that the company does not manufacture classical products with the formulas of products taken from Ayurveda Granths. “The formulas of all our products have been prepared by us only after a thorough research work and lab testing,” he said, adding that the company has a proper R&D Laboratory where research and testing works are done under the guidance of qualified staff. 

“Many of our products are according to WHO recommendations. These products are also GMP Certified and ISO certified. We never compromise with the quality of products. That’s why our customers strongly trust our products,”he informed.

“The company is manufacturing P-6 Capsule & Tube (Piles), Diavital Capsule (Diabetes), Painkool Capsule & Tube (Joint & Muscle care), Top Slim Capsule (Sliming), THC No Kabz Granules & Capsules (Constipation), Ayurzepam (Depression/Anxiety/Insomnia), Germisafe (Hand rub),” he added.

Chawla claimed that Ttrust Health care provides best products at very economical rates. “Our products are result oriented product as compared to other companies,”he said, adding that all products are lab based, sterilized and bacteria free. All their pharmaceutical products are also available on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Chawla said though the number of products being manufactured by their company were not too much, they are not into the number game. “Adding newer products to the portfolio unnecessarily will not serve any purpose. Rather, we stress on quality and ensure to deliver the products at very economical rates,so that they are affordable to all customers,irrespective of their financial status,”he pointed out.

Success mantra

Asked about his success mantra, Chawla said quality and economical rates of products are leading them on the path of success. “It is true that we are doing business to earn money. But earning does not mean to loot people by keeping huge margins,”he said categorically. Chawla said the company was fully aware of its responsibility towards the employees, who workwith full devotion and dedication for the growth of the company. “The company takes the best possible care of its employees and provides them all the mandatory benefits like PF, ESI, Bonus etc.,” he said.

Chawla said their business ran as usual even during the pandemic time. “During that difficult time, we organised blood donation camps and also provided ration and other required material free of cost to the needy people,” he said.

Future plans

Talking about the future plans, Chawla said, “We plan to expand in the South Indian market and also wish to explore markets abroad. At the same time, we plan to launch new products for cholesterol disease and also an ointment for wounds by this year.” 

“Presently, our products are being exported but this is being done indirectly through some export houses. We provide test reports of our products that are supposed to be exported,”he said. “We strongly believe that there is a strong market for our products abroad also. Therefore, we shall be starting direct export of our products in the future,”he said. 

He is also very appreciative of the working style of his sons Balkirat and Sachkirat. “Both of them have a great vision to take the company to newer heights,”he said. He believes that the company will definitely set up new milestones in the coming times with their visionary approach.