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Advertising media is the foundation for any brand and we serve as that foundation: Poorti Nigam

Dolby Infotainment works in the fields of Advertising, Media, TV/Film Production, and Sports Management.

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Poorti Nigam, the founder of Dolby Infotainment

Poorti Nigam, the founder of Dolby Infotainment

Poorti Nigam, the founder of Dolby Infotainment, commenced her career as a journalist and found her vocation in being an entrepreneur. Poorti established her corporation knows as “Dolby Infotainment" in 2018 which is based in Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow.

Dolby Infotainment works in the fields of Advertising, Media, TV/Film Production, and Sports Management. Today, Poorti Nigam has paved her path to be a successful woman entrepreneur and has become a known personality in her field. She has achieved recognition and prestigious honor in a very short span of time.

Poorti possesses a Bachelor Degree (BA) in English, Diploma in PGDA & PR, and Masters in English Literature & Mass Communication to name a few of her astounding qualifications.

How did you get into entrepreneurship? Please share your journey with us.

My father is a well-known journalist and historian of Bundelkhand, and I owe my qualities of a journalist, to him. It is because of him I found journalism very intriguing. I started writing articles for my school yearbook at around the age of 14. My interest in writing grew and I started writing for a local newspaper. I came to Lucknow in 2006 for a degree in mass communication, after which I worked as an anchor and production head for an electronic news media production house. After which I was also associated with the production of many news and entertainment shows from Delhi and Mumbai till 2015.

Then came the turning point of my life. In 2015, I got married and soon became a mother. The story of my Woman Entrepreneurship begins with the birth of my son. Through my experience, I wanted to do a job that won't have me to choose between my work and my family.

What is your husband's contribution behind your women entrepreneurship?

My husband is the biggest contributor behind my success as a woman entrepreneur. He remained by my side for every decision I took but at the same time would never question my choices and authority in the workplace. He is one of the very experienced personalities of the news media and entertainment industry. He also holds his name in the Limca Book of Records. And I try to use his expertise where ever possible.

What are the future plans of Dolby Infotainment?

Dolby indulges in building world-class audio-visual & graphic animation. Dolby has also successfully worked with The Venus Company. We are also involved in many audiovisual productions

I am also impressed by the startup business market; I am preparing to do something in that direction in the future as well.

What kind of difficulties do you face in business as a woman?

Difficulties are in every stage in life. There is very little participation of women in this business. 

There is a great success in business only when there is competition, so I try not to feel formidable or get intimidated. I am also a journalist so I am not afraid of challenges. I only try to provide top-notch services to my clients and believe in building healthy relations with them which exceeds corporate relations.

Advertising media is a huge market, and now technology also plays an important role in it. How do you see this? 

The market changes on the basis of technology, sales and marketing strategy. I give timely advice to my clients and guide them through all the changes which I see in the market. For this, we also have an experienced team dedicated entirely to researching and working on the changes in media sales marketing. 

Your company Dolby Infotainment has done a lot of work in sports management, how did you think?

My husband has always shown a keen interest in Cricket, he was the one who advised me to also work in this direction of advertising. After which I also began my work in sports branding and from there we started to associate with various international cricket matches and found success in this field as well. Cricket branding makes it easy for the products to get hold of the market. Our company will soon take some big steps in this direction as well.

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