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Rajat Sharma Chairman and Editor-in-Chief
India TV

Rajat Sharma, a prominent figure in the world of Indian media and journalism. He is best known for hosting the immensely popular show "Aap Ki Adalat," which has captured the hearts of not only our nation, but also audiences worldwide for the past three decades.

Rajat Sharma's illustrious career has seen him interact with renowned personalities from both India and around the globe. His courtroom has witnessed the interrogation of celebrities from every walk of life, a tradition that continues to captivate audiences to this day. Nearly two decades ago, Rajat Sharma embarked on a new venture, launching India TV, which has now risen to become one of the leading Hindi news channels in the country. Every night at 9 pm, millions tune in to watch his live news show, "Aaj Ki Baat," where his pungent commentary takes centre stage. But Rajat Sharma is more than just a television star. He is also a respected motivational speaker, often invited to share his insights in esteemed institutions worldwide. His influence extends far beyond the screen, as he is recognized as one of the most influential media icons across the globe.

In the realm of social media, Rajat Sharma reigns supreme, holding the top position among TV news personalities on Twitter, with an astounding 10.8 million followers. Born into humble beginnings and educated in ordinary schools, Rajat Sharma's merit got him into Shri Ram College of Commerce. Here, he formed bonds with individuals who went on to become world class leaders in their respective fields.

Rajat Sharma's involvement in student politics led to a period of imprisonment during the Emergency. Undeterred, he pursued his education, earning an M. Com from SRCC and venturing into the world of journalism. Remarkably, at the young age of 28, he assumed the role of editor for Onlooker magazine, followed by editorships at The Sunday Observer and The Daily. His exceptional reporting during that era is still celebrated in contemporary media. "Aap Ki Adalat" was already a nationwide sensation, when Rajat Sharma took the helm in 1993.

Over the years, it has garnered even more fame and name, with luminaries like President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi gracing its stage during the show's 21st anniversary. Notably, it was on this platform that all three Khan superstars—Salman, Shahrukh, and Aamir Khan— appeared together for the first time on national television.

The impact of "Aap Ki Adalat" is undeniable. Icons like Swami Ramdev and Shahrukh Khan openly acknowledge how the show played a pivotal role in their rise to stardom. Former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, who honoured Rajat Sharma with Padma Bhushan, urged him not to change his role, saying, "Please remain the public prosecutor of the people of India." This is the remarkable journey of Rajat Sharma, a name synonymous with excellence in the world of media and journalism.

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Rajat Sharma

Aaj Ki Baat with Rajat Sharma


India | Mar 15, 2023, 04:57 PM IST

At least 54 policemen and eight civilians were injured in clashes. There were clashes during the night and again on Wednesday morning, while Imran Khan was holed up inside his fortified residence.

Aaj Ki Baat with Rajat Sharma


India | Mar 14, 2023, 04:58 PM IST

The irresistibly catchy and popular Telugu film song ‘Naatu Naatu’, with its electrifying dance moves, from S. S. Rajamouli’s movie ‘RRR’, was composed by M. M. Keeravaani. The documentary ‘The Elephant Whisperers’, won Oscar for its portrayal of a family which adopted two orphan baby elephants.

India Holi diplomacy, aaj ki baat, aaj ki baat latest updates, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo,

OPINION | India's Holi diplomacy

India | Mar 14, 2023, 06:27 AM IST

The Holi reception was attended by ministers from most of the G-20 countries. Rajnath Singh described Gina Raimondo as "a stalwart politician from US. She wanted to enjoy Holi celebrations, so I invited her here".

A few weeks ago, he spoke for more than half an hour on


India | Mar 09, 2023, 06:22 AM IST

It is not the first time that Rahul Gandhi has said such things about RSS, Narendra Modi, Parliament and judiciary. Had he not spoken about these issues in London, nobody here would have bothered to go through his speech.

Aaj Ki Baat with Rajat Sharma

Opinion | How Yogi is decimating mafia gangs

India | Mar 07, 2023, 05:56 PM IST

Yogi is working in the right direction. He has decided to finish off the terror unleashed by criminal gangs, whether they belong to Atiq Ahmed or Mukhtar Ansari. There are reports of even some policemen helping these gangs.

Rahul Gandhi, Cambridge University, aaj ki baat, pegasus row, pegasus row latest updates, congress l

OPINION | Rahul should have chosen his words carefully in Cambridge

India | Mar 07, 2023, 06:03 AM IST

Rahul Gandhi alleged that Israeli Pegasus spyware was installed on the phones of a large number of politicians, including himself. He said, "I myself, had Pegasus on my phone. A large number of politicians have Pegasus on their phones...So this is a constant pressure that we feel."

OPINION | North-East results: Cheers for BJP, Lessons for

OPINION | North-East results: Cheers for BJP, Lessons for Congress

India | Mar 03, 2023, 04:06 PM IST

Addressing party workers outside the BJP headquarters in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the voters of all three states and lashed out at the opposition. He said, there were slogans of ‘Modi Teri Qabr Khudegi’(Modi, your grave will be dug), but the people of north-east have chosen the lo

aaj ki baat, Yogi Adityanath

OPINION | Yogi’s crackdown on mafia: A welcome step for UP

India | Mar 03, 2023, 06:04 AM IST

This was part of a major crackdown following the February 24 killing of Umesh Pal, a key witness in BSP MLA Raju Pal’s murder case. UP Police has announced a bounty of Rs 50,000 for the arrest of Atiq Ahmed’s son, who along with his mother, has gone underground.

Aaj Ki Baat with Rajat Sharma

Opinion | Liquor scam: Will Bhagwant Mann face fresh trouble in Punjab?

India | Mar 02, 2023, 06:08 AM IST

In the Supreme Court, on Tuesday, a bench of Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud and Justice P S Narasimha told Sisodia’s counsel to approach either the trial court or Delhi High Court for bail.

Aaj Ki Baat with Rajat Sharma

Opinion | Sisodia’s Arrest: The Political Fallout

India | Mar 01, 2023, 06:10 AM IST

Special Public Prosecutor on behalf of CBI Pankaj Gupta told the court that Sisodia was not cooperating in the investigation and that he did not disclose true facts related to above conspiracy.

Congress leaders, Congress leaders abusing PM Modi, PM MODI, Prime minister narendra modi,  narendra

OPINION | Congress leaders must think twice before abusing Modi

India | Feb 28, 2023, 06:05 AM IST

This was one of the strongest reactions from Prime Minister Modi against the Congress in recent months. Congress leaders know it very well that abusing Modi can harm them during elections. The results of several elections in the past are witness to this.

Punjab violence, Bhagwant Mann, punjab chief minister bhagwant mann, radicalism, Pro khalistan leade

OPINION | Punjab violence: Bhagwant Mann must nip radicalism in the bud

India | Feb 24, 2023, 02:00 PM IST

Punjab violence: The radicals belonged to the outfit 'Waaris Punjab De' set up by late Punjabi actor Deep Singh Sidhu, a pro-Khalistani, who owed allegiance to Canada-based separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu's 'Sikhs For Justice' outfit.

Aaj Ki Baat with Rajat Sharma

Opinion | Pawar Politics: An Inside Story

India | Feb 23, 2023, 04:50 PM IST

For the first time, it has come to light that the political developments that took place that midnight and afterwards, were carefully scripted, by none other than the old, political veteran Sharad Pawar.

Aaj Ki Baat with Rajat Sharma

Opinion | Shiv Sena: Uddhav, Shinde must learn from Balasaheb

India | Feb 22, 2023, 03:57 PM IST

Uddhav’s senior advocate Kapil Sibal told the apex court on Tuesday that unless the “erroneous” EC order is stayed forthwith, the Shinde faction will take over everything, including the assets of Shiv Sena and its bank accounts.

OPINION | Live-in relationships: Keep your parents informed

OPINION | Live-in relationships: Keep your parents informed

India | Feb 21, 2023, 06:26 AM IST

In Mumbai, the victim was living with her boyfriend in a live-in relationship for three years. Her partner killed her and hid the body inside the box of his bed.

OPINION | Kanpur deaths: Yogi must take strongest action

OPINION | Kanpur deaths: Yogi must take strongest action against the guilty

India | Feb 16, 2023, 06:17 AM IST

Video of both the victims rushing into their hut to prevent demolition, the hut suddenly erupting into flames and a bulldozer demolishing the burning hut has caused considerable anguish in the minds of people. All this happened in the presence of policemen, lady constables, tehsildar, Lekhpal and th

OPINION | Adani: Centre’s experts panel on SC advice is a

OPINION | Adani: Centre’s experts panel on SC advice is a welcome step

India | Feb 14, 2023, 03:06 PM IST

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Centre and SEBI, offered to provide names of domain experts and the scope of the mandate in a sealer cover to the court this week.

aaj ki baat, aaj ki baat with rajat sharma, uttar pradesh chief minister yogi adityanath, yogi adity

OPINION | How Yogi plans to make UP a $1 trillion economy

India | Feb 14, 2023, 06:06 AM IST

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced at the summit that his government has already signed 18,643 memorandums of understanding worth Rs 32.92 lakh crore.

Aaj Ki Baat with Rajat Sharma

Opinion | Adani: Nothing new in Rahul Gandhi’s allegations

India | Feb 11, 2023, 06:19 AM IST

During his speech, Rahul Gandhi displayed pictures of Modi and Adani sitting in a private plane. He questioned how Gautam Adani who was at the 609th number in the Forbes List of World’s Richest Persons in 2014 rose to second place within a span of eight years.

aaj ki baat, Rajat Sharma,

OPINION | Earthquake in Turkey: Modi immediately sends rescue teams

India | Feb 07, 2023, 04:30 PM IST

Thousands of people have been sheltered in sports centres, fair halls, with others spent the night outside, in Hatay, Turkey, huddled in blankets around fires, due to severe drop in temperature.