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blood clots

Good diet, active lifestyle & exercise: Know how to reduce the risk of having blood clots in brain

Mar 17, 2022, 11:48 PM IST

Arterial clots in the brain are called strokes and patients with blood clots in their brains can experience problems with their vision or speech, seizures and general weakness.

Vitamin C

Orange is NOT the richest source of Vitamin C; debunking myths about this water-soluble vitamin

Mar 15, 2022, 05:16 PM IST

With Vitamin C boosting overall immunity and wellbeing, there is no evidence to prove that it helps in curing COVID. However, it has the ability to reduce common colds and protects the body from various viral infections. Here are myths and facts about Vitamin C.

Dal Chawal for weight loss

Eat Dal Chawal in dinner to loose weight, suggest nutritionists

Mar 15, 2022, 05:01 PM IST

Dal contains all the essential nutrients that are a must-have in an Indian diet. It is packed with proteins, vitamins, iron, calcium, carbs and fibre that work best for the body. When combined with rice, it helps to curb hunger without devoiding your body of nutrition.

almond milk

Is almond milk good for you? Know its benefits, nutrition and recipe to prepare

Mar 11, 2022, 04:22 PM IST

Almond milk is made of blended almonds. The nuts are soaked overnight in water before being blended and strained to make the perfect drink. It is naturally dairy-free, which makes it suitable for vegans and people with lactose intolerance. 

Yoga asanas to do before bedtime

5 Yoga asanas to do before bedtime for sound sleep and beat insomnia

Mar 11, 2022, 01:43 PM IST

Yoga enables a practitioner to expand their mental faculties and achieve a greater acceptance of self and others, which ultimately leads to a calmer approach to life.

Milk is a source of protein and Vitamin D

Drinking milk at night before going to sleep? Stop now or you will gain weight

Mar 10, 2022, 10:39 AM IST

From weight gain to indigestion, we take a look at five reasons why milk should not be consumed at night before you hit the bed. Additionally, milk is a major source of protein and Vitamin D and must be included in your diet.  

Health benefits of cocoa

Reduced risk of heart diseases to improved mental health, 5 proven health benefits of cocoa

Mar 08, 2022, 06:47 PM IST

Cocoa is associated with several health benefits including reduced inflammation, better blood flow, lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol, weight loss and blood sugar levels. Read here to know more!

Lavender milk tea

Looking for a healthy and caffeine-free milk tea? Here's why lavender milk tea is considered best

Mar 08, 2022, 04:41 PM IST

Lavender Milk Tea: Considered the healthiest combination of protein-rich milk with dried lavender, this caffeine-free tea, helps in regaining strength, boosting energy, providing relief from insomnia, skin irritation, reducing stress and anxiety and to mention a few benefits.


Sabudana helps in weight loss? Know its health benefits, nutritious value & more

Mar 04, 2022, 10:33 PM IST

Not just health benefits, sabudana also has some skincare and beauty benefits. Applying a herbal mask of soaked sabudana with some milk and honey, helps you get rid of sun-tan, and uneven skin tone. It also prevents hair fall and renews the texture of your locks.   

Representative image

Does nerve damage contribute to long-Covid symptoms?

Mar 03, 2022, 10:30 AM IST

If patients have long-Covid symptoms that aren't otherwise explained and aren't improving, they might benefit from discussing neuropathy with their doctor or seeing a neurologist or neuromuscular specialist.

Alia Bhatt's trainer busts yoga myths on flexibility

Yoga needs flexibility? Alia Bhatt's trainer Anshuka Parwani busts myth in latest video

Mar 02, 2022, 04:10 PM IST

Yoga trainer Anshuka Parwani, who has trained many Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday, Deepika Padukone and others, has busted the myth and revealed that it is not important to be flexible to begin doing yoga asanas. 

Health benefits of aloe vera juice

Is drinking aloe vera juice on empty stomach in the morning good? Know health benefits

Mar 01, 2022, 05:18 PM IST

Many call aloe vera juice the magical potion that relieves many sufferings. It is not just beneficial in treating the heat in the body in summers but also keeps many diseases at bay. Have a look at some magical health benefits of drinking aloe vera juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's son Zain Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's son Zain, 26, dies of cerebral palsy: What is this medical condition?

Mar 01, 2022, 01:21 PM IST

Cerebral palsy is a non-progressing motor impairment that begins in early childhood. It has widely been viewed as the result of oxygen deprivation during birth or other birth-related factors such as prematurity.

heart health

Risk, Precautions and Symptoms: Here's what women over 40 must know about heart health

Mar 01, 2022, 01:21 PM IST

Women, especially those over 40 years, have a higher risk than men of suffering silent heart attacks, which are deadlier. One of the reasons may be that women are more at risk of getting blockages in the small arteries and vessels of the heart (small vessel heart disease). The person may not even know that he/she is having an attack.

Representative image

Meditation for healthier you: Know how to begin, where to start & what will the experience be like

Feb 26, 2022, 02:58 PM IST

Meditation is the subtle skill of doing anything but letting go of all struggles in order to relax and reconnect with your actual nature, which is love, joy, and peace.

Fitness tips for a summer body

5 Quick fitness tips for getting your summer body ready

Feb 25, 2022, 01:08 PM IST

If you're wondering how to obtain a summer body - that is, how to feel better than ever all summer long - get ready for your best summer yet as you sweat, eat, and dream your way to your fittest self with these easy, yet crucial, advice!

Healthcare services in Covid era

New smart in-patient room automation system launched for contactless healthcare services in Covid

Feb 18, 2022, 06:25 PM IST

Healthnet Global has launched a smart in-patient room automation system for a one-stop solution for all in-patient needs. It is claled AutoMaid. The system seeks to bolster the fight against the virus by providing access to facilities a patient needs during hospitalisation.

Representative image

Earliest symptoms of pregnancy can be as common as cramps and spotting, know more

Feb 18, 2022, 01:29 PM IST

The most reliable way to confirm a pregnancy is a blood test at the doctor’s clinic, but since the wait is too vexing for most women, they resort to noticing the symptoms their body may project. Since 5 DPO is too early for a reliable pregnancy test result, these are the earliest symptoms that may indicate a pregnancy.

Orange Juice

Thursday Tips: Know why you should NOT drink juice on empty stomach

Feb 17, 2022, 01:32 PM IST

Thursday TIPS: Drinking juice on an empty stomach in the morning can cause problems like constipation, acidity and stomach pain. This is because our stomach remains empty for a longer time between dinner and breakfast. Thus, food items, especially sour things like orange, seasonal, lemon should not be consumed on an empty stomach.


Can someone suffer panic attack in sleep? What is night terror & nightmare? Psychiatrist explains

Feb 17, 2022, 01:18 PM IST

While some claim to have suffered a panic attack in their sleep, medical expert believes that it could be a nightmare or night terror. Speaking to India TV, the doctor also explains what is the difference between the two and how the situation can be managed.