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What does your zodiac sign say about your career? Find out

Your zodiac sign affects what you value in a profession, and what path will be best for you, just like it does in every other area of your life. Hence, considering using one’s astrological sign to select a career path can prove to be helpful.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 06, 2022 7:13 IST
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Choosing a career may be challenging in the modern day since it needs a keen understanding of one's own strengths and preferences that can give us success and satisfaction. Your zodiac sign affects what you value in a profession, and what path will be best for you, just like it does in every other area of your life. Hence, considering using one’s astrological sign to select a career path can prove to be helpful.


Geminis are clever, inquisitive, and daring people. They’re known for being outspoken, expressive and they enjoy learning about new topics. They can prove to be excellent publicists, writers, or journalists. Additionally, they excel at multitasking. Geminis can pursue a career in engineering, computer science, or advertising.


Leos are tenacious, passionate, and imaginative. They enjoy being the centre of attention and excel at inspiring people to greatness. Project management, public speaking, or acting are the areas that are the natural fits for the Lion. They also appreciate harmony, thus a profession in counselling, conflict resolution, or education may appeal to Leos.


Virgos are intelligent, analytical, and well organized. They love to focus on the little things and are perfectionists, so they can explore a career in science, research, or accounting. Virgos have a lot of empathy, and a job in social work, law, or medicine will be of their interest. 


Scorpio's sharp instincts, laser-like focus, and secret agent method let them eliminate the competition before they even realise what hit them. They don't like to act without a plan and rarely if ever, do anything half-heartedly, which means their professional path must be something that they can follow with everything they’ve got. Scorpios are drawn to a career in psychology, counselling, or rehabilitation because of their ability to help people. Scorpio is a sign that manages other people's money, therefore financial advice is another career advice they can opt for. 


Capricorns can pursue their job goals with creative ideas and a tenacious commitment when Saturn, the strict planet, is on their side. Capricorns are adept at developing and attaining goals and look for a feeling of meaning in all they do. Politics, finance, or the law are all possible professional paths for Capricorns. They are trustworthy yet also incredibly independent. A career in engineering or emergency management will be appropriate for Capricorns.


Aries possess self-assurance, tenacity, and competitiveness. These characteristics make them a great choice for jobs requiring bold leadership or a lot of physical energy and stamina. They are perfect for jobs which require bravery, such as a police officer, soldier, firefighter, doctor, or construction worker.


Aquarians are known for their independence and curiosity. They perform well in jobs that call for creative thinking. They will thrive in a career that will push them beyond their current knowledge base. They do best in vocations that permit flexibility of mind and motion. Opportunities that help individuals feel like they have a purpose are a perfect fit for Aquarians. They are perfectly qualified for a career as a trainer, designer, mediator, scientist, or data analyst.


Sagittarians are lively, outgoing, amusing, and kind. They are the ones that seem to break even the most uncomfortable silences with ease. The only thing that could really get in their way is a boring routine. Hence Saggitarians need a job that offers a fun challenge and lets them express their big personalities. They are great as personal trainers, development officers, educators, investigators, and researchers.


Pisces are ideal prospects for occupations needing patience and understanding because of their enhanced intuition and emotional foresight. They are highly sensitive, which can be a drawback in fields like customer service or hospitality where criticism is widespread. Pisceans typically perform well in jobs like salesperson, nurse, therapist, psychologist, philanthropist, or recruiter.


Taureans have a strong desire for stability and this occasionally conflicts with their love of all things aesthetically pleasing and expensive. They are steadfast, loyal, and trustworthy. Taureans are the perfect candidates for a consistent job that allows them to innovate but  also has a set routine. routine. Therefore, financial adviser, fashion designer, lawyer, manager, or landscaper are the finest career options for them.


Cancerians are problem-solvers and caregivers by nature. They are dependable. They are adept at taking on responsibility and solve problems creatively. Cancerians have a strong rapport with their coworkers and offer excellent advice in both their personal and professional lives. Nursing, catering, content management, teaching, therapy, and social work are few professions in which they may thrive.


Librans have an uncanny ability to be friendly and social. They are the kind of people you want to hang out with. Librans thrive on being upbeat and making other people happy. They are a logical choice for any customer-facing field as a result. They also do well in environments that support decision-making. Human resource managers, legal analysts, entrepreneurs, hospitality professionals, and diplomats are among the most preferred career choices.

(This article is attributed to Aamna Singh, Tarot card reader and creator on Koo)

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not reflect the views of India TV)

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