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Weekly Horoscope (Jan 30 to Feb 5): Difficult week for Virgo & Taurus; Sagittarius may lose money

Weekly Horoscope (Jan 30 to Feb 5): How your coming week will be? While Aquarius and Sagittarius need to pay attention to their finances, Pisces will have a good time with family. Know more about all zodiac signs here.

Chirag Bejan Daruwalla Written By: Chirag Bejan Daruwalla @ChiragDaruwalla New Delhi Updated on: January 29, 2023 6:29 IST
Weekly Horoscope
Image Source : INDIA TV Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope (Jan 30 to Feb 5): The first week of February is going to be very different from January. The stars will align in a new pattern bringing luck for some albeit making things difficult for others. As per the predictions by astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla, Virgo and Taurus may have a difficult week owing to the work pressure. Sagittarius and Aquarius, on the other hand, must be careful with finances. They need to pay attention to their expenditure, in order to avoid losses. Whereas, for Pisces, the week looks good in terms of family and relationships. Know more about other zodiac signs here.


Ganesha says you will be able to develop the skills required for accomplishing your work. You will see success through hard work and determination. You will have broad thinking for the week. Sincerity in your approach will pave the way for stupendous success. Involving yourself in charities and spiritual practices will give you a lot of relief. You can handle difficult tasks with ease. You will be traveling with respect to your work. You will enjoy memorable moments in your work. You can get satisfaction and also learn new things from your work. Your money position will be sound enough for the week. Your bank balance will increase no this week. You can participate in speculation practices, and this will give you profits. You will make your partner happy by taking her to a movie. You will also enjoy the week with your partner and understand her better. You will have perfect health. This will be due to the vibrant energy present in you.


Ganesha says you may need to adjust and correct the mistakes that you have made. Take some control over your activities through proper arrangements and you need to keep your mind calm by meditation throughout the week. You will feel as if you have lost something and will harbor insecure feelings in your mind. Take things easily. You may need to carry out your work with patience and determination. There may be chances for you to make mistakes. Job pressure will be more for you, and there are chances for you to commit mistakes. You may need to plan your work systematically for better performance. You will have increased expenses. You may incur sudden expenditure. You need to save money to handle sudden and unexpected expenditures. You may take words from your partner very seriously, and this may upset you. Having a casual and flexible approach with your partner will make you happy.


Ganesha says you have to take extra effort to get successful. Planning and determination are essential for the week. You may find most of your activities being postponed for the week. This may annoy you. Trust in yourself and have confidence. Be calm, involve in offering prayers to god, and carry on with your job. You may need to plan your work accordingly and prioritize your work as per schedule. If you do this, you will gain success. You may lose money due to negligence and may not be in a position to handle your finances well. You will find money flow to be limited and scarce for the week. This situation will make you borrow money to meet your needs. Try not to be emotional with your partner. Be more sportive and friendly in your approach. You will have a confused mindset, and you may show this to your partner. You need to avoid this, as this will spoil the charm of a relationship. You may succumb to back pain, and this may be due to stress.


Ganesha says you will possess courage, and your efforts will be productive. There may be chances for travel. You will find the week to be very pleasant. You will have a peaceful mind. Luck will be possible for the week. You will gain from work. This is the week when you may be able to realize your potential. You will get more confidence. You will find the work to yield good satisfaction and will enjoy a cordial atmosphere. You will get the support of your colleagues, and this will delight you. You will gain perks and incentives for the hard work that you put in, and this may come as extra money for you. You will be further attached to your partner. It will be as if you are made for each other. You will share jovial feelings with your partner. Health will be good for the week. You will feel fresh and more determined.


Ganesha says you can make use of the week for self-development. You will be in a position to gain help from your friends. You will find yourself energetic for the week. If you have the confidence to succeed, then the week will be yours. Efficient planning and intelligence will guide you to meet your requirements. But for your success, you may need to work very hard. Travel related to a career will be possible and will benefit you. You need to work hard and put in hard work to achieve success. You will have a good level of money that will help you to increase the balance in your bank account. You will be able to have a good relationship with your partner. This will be possible due to a good understanding. You will be made for each other. You will be able to show your sincerity towards your partner. You will remain fit and stable. You will remain positive. You will have more energy for the week. Due to this, you will maintain better fitness.


Ganesha says you need to take even tough situations easy and achieve wonders. A high level of planning will be required. You may lose comfort for the week. This may cause worries for you. You will find it tough to accomplish your important tasks on time, and there will be delays. You may need to have a more balanced view and be practical. You may lose patience at work. A more professional approach will help you carry on with your work smoothly. You may get work pressure during the week. Due to pressure, you are likely to commit errors while handling important tasks. You may be more aggressive in expressing your opinion with your partner. You may have pain in your legs, and this may trouble you. You can do some exercises to make yourself fit. Confusion in your mind over your own development may bring you stress-related problems.


Ganesha says you may be able to proceed to take the necessary next steps. You may have the determination and energy to succeed. You can be more courageous in your approach. Whatever you do, may you be able to achieve your goals quickly. Your skills can get appreciated by others. Plenty of opportunities will be possible for you in your job. You will be able to find the atmosphere at work very pleasing. You will gain money. The amount that you earn, you can utilize for significant saving practices. You will have full financial freedom for the week. You will be in a position to save the right amount of money too. You are sincere in your approach toward your partner. This sincerity will enable you to make a relationship healthy. You will possess all the vital energy. 


Ganesha says you may have to put n hard effort so that you will be in a position to handle minor problems that may surface this week. You have to plan your activities to avoid any loss or unfavorable outcomes. This may be a matter of botheration to you. You may need to avoid making major decisions for the week concerning your finances. You will lose money owing to your carelessness. Be focused on handling money with care, or else you will be the loser. You may need to take things easy. You need to avoid being overly sensitive as this may dampen the good relations shared with your partner. Take things in a light and easy manner with your partner. There may be tooth pain or digestion-related problems for the week. It is therefore necessary for you to take care of your health. A cough and cold-related problems will be possible. This may be due to an allergy.


Ganesha says you will have more responsibilities and stress during the week. Henceforth it will be wise for you to be more practical and systematic in your approach. Travel related to work will keep you busy. You may find it difficult to complete even a single task easily, and this may cause worries for you. You will have more expenses to be spent on your household renovation and reconstruction works. This may annoy you. You may be under the compulsion of spending more money. Chances for loss of money may also be possible owing to your negligence. You may be having some unpleasant moments with your partner. This may be due to the domestic issues that will prevail in your family. It will be good for you to have a pleasant outlook to make your partner happy. You will have average health. You may be subjected to skin-related problems. Stomach relates upsets will be possible for you.


Ganesha says this is a normal week ahead. It will be a matter of concern as much will go to waste. You need to adopt a sportive attitude and express this to your partner. You can create wonders by maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. It will be wise for you to adopt a give-and-take policy with your partner. This is most needed to sustain happiness. You may succumb to eye irritations, back pain, and pain in the legs. You can avoid this by involving yourself in prayers or reciting mantras. You will have chances of gaining money from distant sources. You will have the blessings of the divine to earn the same. You will make the week happy for your partner with your sportive attitude. There may be chances for back pain and digestion-related problems. You can maintain your health by praying and meditating.


Ganesha says this week you may have some pessimistic feelings and you may need to avoid this. You will feel as if you are overburdened but should learn to handle things. You will tend to exhibit negative feelings that you need to avoid as they will hinder your progress. You need to concentrate more on work to see results in your favor. You will find your level of confidence boosted, and this will guide you to success. Planning your work will guide you to see progress. You are expected to make errors in your work. This may be due to a lack of concentration, which you need to avoid. Organizing your work efficiently will lead you to success. You will be left with expenses. Plan and spend your money evenly to avoid loss. Expenditure will be seen on the rise due to increasing commitments. Healthwise this is going to be a fruitful time.


Ganesha says you will find the week exciting and fun-filled. You can set some major goals and take initiative to achieve them. You may get a favorable situation this week. You will be able to achieve wonders through your effective communication. You need to use your intelligence in all your dealings and activities for good results. You will be able to show your performance at work and this will be possible through your hard work. You will have the dedication to succeed. You will be able to perform your work well in an efficient manner and on time. You will find an increase in money returns. You can express your love to your spouse. You can enjoy cordial relations with your partner. You will be more courageous. This will enable you to keep yourself in a good state of mind. Good health will prevail. This will be possible due to the positive energy in you.

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