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Virgo Personality Traits: People of this zodiac are loyal to one & do not like casual relationships

Virgo Personality Traits: Virgos are misunderstood for their conservative nature. They are very hardworking beings who are career-oriented and take time to open up about their feelings to other zodiac signs.

Charu Jain Edited by: Charu Jain New Delhi Updated on: May 16, 2022 10:22 IST
Virgo personality traits

Virgo personality traits


  • Alert Alert! It's not a good match between Virgo and Leo
  • Virgo and Capricorn have slight chances that their relationship can work out
  • Virgo and Pisces both have good compatibility

Virgo Personality Traits: Virgo stands at the sixth position among all zodiac signs. People whose zodiac sign is Virgo are called Virgo or Virgoans. Their signature symbol is a maiden. Virgo people are known for their loyalty and kindness. They are hardworking and practical in life and like to keep track of every minute detail of things. They are very strict about their goals and dreams and to achieve them they can go to any level. Virgo loves animals, they are nature lovers and like to keep things hygienic. Most of them take care of their health and hence chose healthy food over junk. They are good at communication and do not tolerate rudeness in any way.

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Like everyone, Virgos have some weaknesses as well. They are shy and often get worried about things.

In a relationship, Virgos are very selective. They do not open up about their feelings for anyone easily. Mostly because of this, they are misunderstood and called conservative. But that's not true! Virgos wait for the right person whom they can trust and show their softer side to. They do not like casual relationships. For them, trust is the first thing that comes to mind before falling in love.

Virgos compatibility with other zodiac signs:

  1. Virgo and Aries - They both are not a good match in a relationship. They are opposite of each other and often have arguments on several things. 
  2. Virgo and Taurus - Both Virgo and Taurus can work on things to have a long term relationship. Both like to have security and surety in their love life. As they are very hardworking and career-oriented, they could be amazing pairs. 
  3. Virgo and Gemini - Both are a suitable match as they can bond over their intellect. Both communicate feelings easily which helps them grow together.
  4. Virgo and Cancer - This can also be a good match, as both love to take care of their loved ones and are so sensitive. Both are known to push each other in personal and professional life. 
  5. Virgo and Leo - Alert Alert! It's not a good match between Virgo and Leo, they are often seen having arguments, and both can have problems with each other. 
  6. Virgo and Libra - Both can be a good match by working on a few things. They have understanding skills which help them in their relationship.
  7. Virgo and Scorpio - This is not a good paring. Both have different expectations and goals in life because of which problems will arise between them. 
  8. Virgo and Sagittarius - Both are not a good match, there are certain things which make them opposite of each other. They have fallouts which they do not like to work on. 
  9. Virgo and Capricorn - There are slight chances that this relationship can work out between these pairs. Both have similar goals in life. They both love to help others and push each other to get success in life.
  10. Virgo and Aquarius - This is a good match, both have the same qualities and goals in life. Sometimes they may have differences but they will mend things. 
  11. Virgo and Pisces -  They both have good compatibility. Both are tender, gentle, kind and understanding. Both can work on their relationship well and have long-term benefits. 

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