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Father's Day 2022: Know the personality traits of your dad based on his zodiac sign

Father's Day 2022: Each zodiac sign does tend to have something they are good at that others pick up on. These tend to be their positive traits and we can all learn from each other by emulating the strongest and most prominent ones of the other signs. With that in mind, here are the personality traits of your father according to his zodiac sign.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: June 18, 2022 14:59 IST
Father's Day 2022: Know the personality traits of your dad based on his zodiac sign
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Father's Day 2022: Know the personality traits of your dad based on his zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign has a positive and a negative trait that helps define them. But since everyone is an individual, it doesn't mean every Aries will have Aries traits, or every Pisces will be all Pisce-y. But each sign does tend to have something they are good at that others pick up on. These tend to be their positive traits and we can all learn from each other by emulating the strongest and most prominent ones of the other signs. If, for example, you could use a little more assertiveness in your life, you could turn to the signs who are known for being assertive and try to learn their ways. With that in mind, here are the personality traits of your father according to his zodiac sign.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it signifies unlimited energy, enthusiasm, energy and adventurism. The characters of courage come naturally to all Arians. All Arians are endowed with such wonderful attributes as confidence, determination, will power and dedication. Being an ambitious Ram, a typical Arian could be very adventurous in his or her life. He or she may also act out of impulsiveness and determination to achieve success in life. New ideas and plans come to them naturally and they can easily execute these ideas to achieve desired successes. Arian is an expert in both thought and action, is very open to new ideas, suggestions, and he or she loves freedom very much.


People who are born under Taurus zodiacal sign possess very significant characteristics that are special to only this sign. Very stubborn, adamant, influential, practical, pragmatic and smart, a typical Taurus is a sign of stability and conformity. These people can reach very high success levels due to their power of will and perseverance. All these positive traits make them extraordinarily powerful and energetic. Even with all these powerful qualities, a typical Taurus person can be extremely personal and caring towards other people; affection and loyalty are two friendly words to these people. A person who is born under this sign can be very expressive and caring while giving their opinions on any subject or topic. Another positive quality of a person belonging to this sign is his or her ability to make friends with all people. In fact, these people may have a large friend circle that likes to hang around all the time. A typical Taurus person can show immense affection towards the opposite sex. In all, a Taurus person is a wholesome person who can succeed any day with a sense of deep purpose.


Of all the zodiacal signs, Gemini is perhaps the most interesting and exciting sign with its own special characters. It is not only extremely active but also a friendly sign with its pleasing persona and demeanour. Other people simply love and adore Gemini persons just because of their outgoing nature. All Gemini people simply love to talk endlessly about any topic on the earth. However, their chatting has a lot of meaning to it, as they love to choose a special topic of interest for all concerned parties. All Gemini people possess a highly innovative mind and thinking attitude; they are too intellectually intelligent to indulge in loose and useless talk. Being extremely imaginative and trustworthy, people born under this special sign can set up instant personal equations with others.


A typical Cancer person is an acutely sensitive individual and secretive. Cancer sign is also very private and hidden with their own likes and dislikes. A Cancer person can hide his or her emotions with an utmost secret. A person who is born under this sign is too emotional and nostalgic with old memories haunting the conscience all the time. Hence, Cancer people can be too fragile and mentally sensitive to any situation that demands mental stability. However, these people are simply lovable and affectionate! They can be very loving, caring and dedicated to people whom they admire. In nature, crabs live on the shores of seas and oceans which are possibly the most dynamic and energetic places on the earth. Because of the ever-changing environment, crabs have the immense ability to protect themselves from all lurking dangers.


One of Leo’s strengths is that he is a natural leader, as well as a sign that's naturally charismatic and joyful. Leo’s are ambitious and commanding. They like to be in positions where people look towards them for guidance and direction. They have sufficient mental and emotional strength to don the mantle of a leader and tend to perform better in stressful situations than in daily routine. Leo’s are mentally very agile and has a very good grasp of things. They are very sure of themselves and are able to mingle with all people, high and low alike. Leo epitomise refined tastes and is keenly interested in dance, music and poetry. 


If anyone in their life needs help, Virgo tends to show up with bells on."This signs knows how to take care of others and heal through healthy habits and regimens," Analysis and research are their strong points. Virgo’s will try to go deeply into the things and look for the finer points. They try to understand the details of things and explain them to others. They are thorough and methodical and have a habit of keeping things exactly at the same place in a very systematic manner. They have a scientific bent of mind and will reason and rationalise everything. Understanding human nature is easy for them. Blessed with a sharp brains it is not very difficult for them to manipulate other people. They can plan well and thus can become good diplomats and research scholars.


Libra simply can't stand it when someone isn't being treated fairly. They take justice very seriously and this trait gets them far in love, and also wins the trust of friends. They know how to evaluate options and come to just and fair decisions and this is great for negotiations at work and at home." A levelheaded person with fruitful imagination and intellectual capacity, successfully wins over hearts. Libra possesses some supreme power so they should use it for some constructive purpose. Libran's have a spiritual bent of mind. Quite close to peace and harmony they try and evade getting into unnecessary trouble. They never intend to hurt the feelings of others and therefore, are famous in any group.


Scorpios are true friends who understand the darker side of life and still fully embrace life with courage. They have a logical bent of mind and possess strong willpower, determination and self-reliant nature. They have the capacity to do original research work and tend to get deep into the mysteries of nature. Very determined, they are at their best when the going is tough. They have a very good imagination and intelligence but you are not quite aware of their ability. But once aware, they can exploit its full potential and do well in any field that they choose. The exceptionally strong vibrations of Scorpio coupled with their ability of self-control - gives them an extra-ordinary capacity to attain supreme results.


Sagittarius loves the truth and isn’t afraid to say it. They take a decision only after studying any problem deeply. Courageous, ambitious and full of drive, they are able to push forward their interests. They will not be cowed down by the circumstances and are well capable of holding on to their own ground even in the most adverse circumstances. Sagi tends to look at the brighter side of things and possesses a good amount of self-confidence. Friendship comes easily to a Sagittarian, who can develop it in a moment and maintain it for a long period of time. They believe in fair play and justice and often fight for those who have been wronged.


If any sign is going to show up on time, stick to their promises, and get things done, it's Capricorn. Not to mention, Capricorn really knows how to put in some hard work, which certainly comes in handy when reaching their goals. They have a strong ability to think and can understand human nature the way no one else does. They also have the ability to analyse and understand any concept well and possess a good memory. Therefore they will prove good at all professions that require analytical thinking and understanding. Highly tactful, diplomatic, clever, cunning and selfish are some of their traits.


Aquarius knows how to take responsibility for themselves, their emotions, and their situation. If a situation doesn't feel right, they start implementing changes and moving in a more positive direction. They enjoy the freedom and provide the space that others need to be themselves. Usually intelligent, they have the ability to read the character of any person after a few meetings. Blessed with a very high level of concentration and understanding, they can easily get to the root of any problem. Aquarians can be quite rigid in their views. they make friends with a lot of difficulties, but once made, the friendship is sincere and forever. They will also have a lot of interest in material life.


"This sign truly understands the human need for compassion and kindness," Philosophical, restless and honest, they can go beyond their means to help people in need. Their nature is to forgive and forget. Their mind is not very steady and it often wanders from spiritualism to materialism. This reduces their concentration thereby making it difficult to achieve their full potential. Generally, Pisceans being too ambitious either rise to very high positions or else turn into dreamers and are unable to fight the battle of life.

-Inputs by By Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Chairman, Khanna Gems


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