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Samip Rajguru
Samip Rajguru

Samip Rajguru

Shows Hosted :Cricket Ki Baat


In addition, Samip has done some remarkable sports shows from the Ground Zero(3 Olympics and 4 Cricket World Cups)  taking viewers beyond the field for candid conversations with some of the India's most extraordinary athletes.

Samip’s no-nonsense approach has made him a model and iconic sports broadcaster who has influenced the new generations of sports journalists across the channels. Samip’s driving philosophy is that Sports show is as much entertainment as it is news has made him special and very few television personalities have ever had a greater sense of humor than him. In many ways, Samip has set the bar in the sports broadcasting industry.

Samip Rajguru is regarded as a stalwart of Hindi sports news broadcasting. With the advent of 24 hour news channel in India in the new millennium, Samip played a big role and gave an unique identity to Khel and Cricket Aaj Tak -a signature evening sportscast at 7.30pm on India’s Number 1 news channel for many years. Many of the current sports anchors and journalist grew up admiring Samip and his influence on many youngsters is pretty evident

Samip himself is a top level sportsman and a fitness freak. He played three Santosh Trophies and many All India Universities and also capatained his team.

Samip today has carved a special niche for himself in India’s capital New Delhi which has become his Karm Bhumi.

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