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Rio 2016: Don’t want to break down in front of you, says Abhinav Bindra after finishing fourth in finals

India’s ace shooter Abhinav Bindra was dejected after failing to win his second Olympic medal and said that he did not want to cry in front of media persons.
India TV Sports Desk Rio de Janeiro August 09, 2016 11:29 IST
India TV Sports Desk

India’s ace shooter Abhinav Bindra was dejected after failing to win his second Olympic medal.

Bindra said that he did not want to cry in front of media persons but added that he was at peace with his decision to retire after Rio Olympics.

Beijing Olympics gold medallist Abhinav Bindra missed a near second Olympic medal by a whisker at Rio as he finished fourth in the finals of 10m Air Rifle event.

"It is my job to be composed. I do not want to break down in front of you. I knew this was coming and I am at peace with it. I did my best but ended up fourth. No medal but very close. Had a good day, but it didn't pay off," Bindra told reporters after the end of the event at Rio Olympics.

Soon to be 34, Bindra maintained that there's no chance of entering the shooting range again.

"I am done; I have announced my retirement, so there is no reconsideration. I am not going to shoot again. This is it. I support youngsters already. I support 30 young shooters through my foundation. I will try and do the best I can," the ace marksman added.

The fourth place finish will not be able to give a clear picture of what kind of effort has gone into the preparation and the 2008 Olympic champion said that there was no dearth of effort this time also.

"I really tried to put my best foot forward all these years. I am really happy with the way it is."

While he is ready to move on to the next phase of his life, the immediate query did not amuse him.

Fittingly a curt reply came: "That is an unfair question to ask. I just completed my event and you want me to give the story of my life's future, I've no idea."

Bindra also dismissed ideas of giving pep talk to other Indian athletes at the Games.

"Not at this juncture. It's not my job to become their coaches. They have their support staff," said Bindra.

Having started his Olympic journey in Sydney back in 2000, Bindra qualified in three Olympic finals including his golden journey of Beijing in 2008 (Athens being the other one) in his pet 10m air rifle, while he missed out in Sydney and London.

Bindra is India's most decorated shooter but nevertheless a product despite the system rather than being of the system.

His father Dr AS Bindra in an interview had said about the fully air-conditioned shooting range in their 13-acre sprawling farmhouse.

This time to get himself ready for Rio 2016 Bindra replicated the range to be like that of Olympic Shooting Range in Deodoro.

So what happens to the shooting range now that he will not step in there. He maintained a straight face but the sense of humour was in place.

(With PTI inputs)