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Pro kabaddi League 2017, Match 3 Highlights: Dabang Delhi defeat Jaipur Pink Panthers by 30-26.

Dabang Delhi K.C. get their first win as they made an impressive comeback to win against Jaipur Pink Panthers by 4 points. An absolute thriller of a match as Dabang Delhi win the match 30-24.
Written by: India TV Sports Desk Hyderabad July 29, 2017 22:48 IST
India TV Sports Desk

Match 3 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5. saw Jaipur Pink Panthers and Dabang Delhi K.C.i face off as Dabang Delhi claimed victory at the Gachibowli Indoor stadium, Hyderabad. Day 1 saw Telegu Titans defeating debut team Tamil Thalaivas in Match 1 and U Mumba loosing to Puneri Paltans in Match 2. Today's game of Match 3 will be an exciting one as Abhishek Bachchan's Jaipur Pink Panthers look to ensure a victory over the competitive Dabang Delhi K.C.

Vivo Perfect Raider is given to Dabang Delhi's Meraj Sheiykh.

Player of the Match is given to Dabang Delhi's Nilesh Shinde with 7 tackles.

'Sahi hai Player'  is given to Jaipur Pink Panther's Jasvir Singh



21.00 IST: Dabang Delhi win their First game of their campains as they won by 4 points. 30-26.

20.58 IST: Jasvir form Jaipur gets a point as he raids well. 25-30

20.57 IST: Delhi tackes Jaipur's raider to get a point. 24-30

20.55 IST: Meraj gets a great touch and escapes the clutches of the Pink Panthers to get a point. 24-29

20.53 IST: Pawan Kumar from Jaipur Pink Panthers manages a raid. 24-28

20.52 IST: A technical point given to both teams. 23-28

20.48 IST: Jaipur raider successfully touches Delhi's defence to get a point. 22-27

20.47 IST: Delhi get 3 points on their raid as they take 

20.47 IST: Dabang Delhi take down Jaipur's raider to lead. 21-24

20.47 IST: Delhi adds another point with captain Meraj. 21-23.

20.45 IST: Delhi gets a point with Meraj's touch on Jaipur's defence. 21-22 

20.43 IST: Delhi gets 2 points as the raider escapes from Jaipur's defence. 20-21

20.40 IST: Jaipur gets out of Delhi's defence to get 2 points. 20-19 

20.39 IST: Delhi defend well to keep down Jaipur captain Chhillar to lead. 18-19

20.35 IST: Do or Die raid from Jasvir but gets taken down to equalise for Delhi. 18-18

20.33 IST: Delhi captain Meraj gets taken down on his raid .18-16.

20.32 IST: Delhi defender dashes to take down Jaipur's raider. 17-16

20.31 IST: Sheykh gets a point for Dabang Delhi. 17-15. 

20.29 IST: Chhillar form Jaipur tries to raid but gets grappled down. Shindey from Delhi takes him down. 16-14

20.27 IST: Delhi defends well to keep down Jaipurs Raider. Pink Panthers down to one man. 16-13

20.23 IST: Dehli captain Meraj gets a touch on his raid to get a point. 16-9

20.22 IST: Jaipur Pink Panthers gets a technical point to give them an 8 point lead. 16-8

20.20 IST: Delhi Captain Meraj achieves a Do or Die raid to give Dabang Delhi a point. 14-8

20.19 IST: Delhi defends Jaipur's Bajirao Do or Die raid to get a point. 14-7

20.17 IST: Dabang Delhi gets a touch point before being taken down. 14-6

20.16 IST: Delhi traps Jaipur's raider in his Do or Die raid. 14-5

20.15 IST: Jaipur Pink Panther's tackle down Delhi's raider to get a point. 14-4

20.14 IST: Delhi Dabang's attack looks toothless as they don't have an answer for Jaipur's defence unit. 13-4

20.11 IST: Jasvir performs an ALL-OUT to give Jaipur a lead. 11-4

20.10 IST: Jaipur manages a raid to get 2 points. Delhi down to 2 men. 7-4

20.09 IST: Hodage from Delhi gets a warning. 5-3.

20.07: Jasvir from Jaipur gets a touch on his raid to lead. 5-3

20.06 IST: Jaipur Pink Panthers equalize. 3-3

20.05 IST: Dabang Delhi takes down Jaipur's raider to lead. 2-3

20.04 IST: Manjeet performs a super-tackle to give Jaipur a point. 1-2

20.00 IST: Delhi Defend well and get a point. 1-0

19.59 IST: Jaipur win the toss and start first and chose to defend for Delhi to raid first.

19.54 IST: Led by Manjeet Chhillar enters the Jaipur Pink Panthers

19.53 IST: Dabang Delhi make their way into the arena lead by Meraj Sheykh.

19.50 IST: Jaipur Pink Panther's owner Abhishek Bachchan is in the stadium to cheer on his team.

Jaipur Pink Panthers make their presence known.

Dabang Delhi K.C. are ready for tonight's match.