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Mother’s Day: Virat Kohli shares an adorable message for all mothers out there!

Virat Kohli has something important to convey this Mother's Day. Look what he posted on his Instagram account
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 14, 2017 12:55 IST
Reshu Manglik

We’re busy pampering our mothers today, aren’t we? After all they deserve all the pampering for the love they bestow upon us throughout the year. Being a mother is full-time job with no bonus, incentives and sick leaves. She never asks for anything in return. But unfortunately, sometimes we take her love for granted. We’re pestered by the incessant questions she shower upon us. ‘Khana Khaya Ki Nahi?’, ‘Dawai Li Ki Nahi?’ and ‘Ghar Kab Tak Aaoge?’.

Many of us might be guilty of purposely ignoring her calls to escape a horde of questions. Sometimes, we quietly sneak into our room so that we don’t have to face her question, “Why are you so late?”. But what if she stops asking? What if she stops caring? 

You cannot imagine how plain and dull your life could be without this amazing woman. That’s what Virat Kohli is trying to convey through his short but powerful video. He insists all the mothers out there to never stop asking questions, never stop caring and never stop loving. Cause it’s her love that makes our life go round. He posted a video on his Instagram account with a caption: This one's for the mums. #HappyMothersDay

So many questions, too much care and unparalleled love, that’s what makes a mother, MOTHER

Happy Mother’s Day