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Good people from all walks of life required in politics, says PM Modi

New Delhi: On the eve of Teacher's Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with students at the Manekshaw auditorium in national capital.Addressing the students, he said that teachers play a big role in students' life
India TV News Desk September 04, 2015 17:26 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: On the eve of Teacher's Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with students at the Manekshaw auditorium in national capital.

Addressing the students, he said that teachers play a big role in students' life and added that being a teacher is not like any other career.

Today's programme was similar to last year's initiative when the Prime Minister had interacted with students.  


* Want to thank you all, and am happy children played a key role in this programme: PM Modi

* Q. Your fashion sense is talked about a lot, how did the idea of promoting Indian clothes come to you?

A. I don't know why people think I have a fashion designer who styles me. I only dress simple and sober.

* Q. Today students face pressure from parents to pursue a specific career. How we should make them understand that parents of our Prime Minitser never pressurised him and thus the nation got a powerful leader.

A. Parents shouldnt impose their own dreams on kids, that would mean they don't know what the kids are capable of.

* Q. You never use a written speech. How did you develop this mastery in oratory?

A. To speak well you need to be a good listener. And this will increase your confidence level. The second thing is you shouldn't worry about what other people will think of you and your thoughts.

* Q A question to the Prime Minister from Jammu and Kashmir - When you were a student what fascinated you the most?

A. Classroom gives a sense of mission and a sense of priority. During 1965 war, I use to visit jawans going for war... that fascinated me the most.

* Q. Anshika Minz, Class 12th Kendriya Vidyala, Bokaro: What is the recipe of success?

A. There is no recipe of success. Failure is not an end to your effort... it gives an opportunity to start once again. Our outlook towards our failures defines our successes.

* Q. Atmik Kajoy of Little Flower Public School, Bengaluru - Why can't the youth take up teaching as a profession. How to make teaching more attractive to youth?

A. India doesn't lack good teachers, it needs to be channelized.

* Q. A student from Tamil Nadu asks - How can we serve the nation in best way?

A. What you have done for the nation, is the answer to your question. Can serve the nation not only by joining the armed forces or being in politics. Several ways to contribute to nation building. Save energy... by doing this you also serve the nation.

* Q. Anmol from Patna asks the next question: What message for students wanting to give engineering and medical exams?

A. Until we go beyond the limited idea of a "degree-job" we wont grow. We need to free ourselves; let ourselves write poetry or create art.

* Q. A question from Bengaluru: What are the challenges on Swachh Bharat initiative?

A. If school students are achieving so much, making Apps on Swachh Bharat & winning laurels then am sure India can be Swachh.

* Q. Next question from Sonia Patil (Goa) - What game do you enjoy?

A. Whenever a woman shines on the sports field, the mother of the child has a very important contribution. Sonia is a child with special needs.I congratulate her. She wants to know what games I play. Everybody knows what games politicians play. As a child I played kabaddi, swam a bit & did yoga. I had a PT teacher called Parmar Sir. I used to go exercise in his small exercise room.

* Q. Sarthak Bhardwaj from Uttarakhand asks PM - Digital India is a great effort but many places in India do not have electricity.

A. Digital India is a part of our lives, more so if we want to move forward, towards good governance. Its an empowerment tool. You are right, there are villages with no electricity. In next 1000 days we have taken up the effort to give power to 18,000 villages.

* Q. The next question is from Imphal: I want to be a successful leader and contribute in politics. What personality and traits are needed?

A. Unfortunately lot of bad opinions about people in public service, about politics in general. Good people and people from all walks of life are required in politics. Do you recall how people from all walks of life joined Mahatma Gandhi during freedom struggle. It benefitted the nation. A leadership quality needs to be developed to be a leader, when you establish that people are affected. There should also be clarity on "why" you want to be a leader - to just win elections or to serve people? If the feeling for latter is developed then you will be on your way to be a great leader. You have to want to work for others selflessly, then you don't need other qualifications, people will make you leader. Wish you all the best.

* Q. Who has been the biggest influence on you? - the first question to PM Modi by Malavath Purna from Telangana.

A. I don't think any one person makes a life. It is about having a receptive mind, people keep teaching us something or the other. You can learn something new even during a train journey. I have learnt a lot from my teachers. I spent lot of time in the library. Reading about Swami Vivekananda was a big influence.

PM Modi interacts with students

* I bow to all the teachers. It is the teachers who make the generations: PM Modi

* This day inspires all of us to follow a need to be educationists because even the most ordinary people can be an inspiration to students: PM Modi

* We have to see that our kids do not become robots, will help with appreciating arts.Without arts life is robotic: PM Modi

* There are youth festivals for college students but now we need talent to be fostered among young kids too: PM Modi

* Time to commemorate 'tapasya' done by teachers who made educated doctors, scientists working for nation building: PM Modi

* Being a teacher is not like any other career. It is something different: PM Modi

* Dr. Kalam went back to teaching the moment his tenure as a President got over: PM Modi

* Youngsters did not live during the time of Dr. Radhakrishnan but you have seen Dr. Kalam. He always wanted to be remembered as a teacher: PM Modi

* After an age, a child spends more time with teachers than family. During this time, there lies a huge responsibility with the teachers: PM Modi

* Sometimes I feel that teachers who write should write about some students who left a mark on them, it will show their involvement: PM Modi

* All of us have a memory of something our teacher taught us when we were young: PM Modi

* A teacher can never retire: PM Modi

* "Maa janm deti hai, guru jeevan deta hai": PM Modi

* Sometimes people wonder why it is students we spend time with on Teacher's day. I feel that students are an image of teachers: PM Modi

* We pay tributes to Dr. Radhakrishnan and mark his birthday as Teachers' Day: PM

* 'Chandan Hai Mati' is being sung by the children of Delhi's Sardar Patel Vidyalaya.

* Children of Delhi's Sardar Patel Vidyalaya are singing a song at the Teachers' Day programme.

* PM Modi launches the website for Kala Utsav, to promote art in education

* PM Modi releases commemorative coin & a circulation coin in honor of former president Dr Radhakrishnan

* PM Narendra Modi arrives at Manekshaw auditorium, to interact with school students soon

The HRD Ministry had asked all the state governments to make arrangement to show the live speech of Prime Minister.

Teachers' Day is celebrated on September 5, in honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India.